Friday, December 25, 2015

The Year in Review

This has been a very interesting and busy year for me in both my hobby and in my personal life.

I have been painting figures and researching battles for upcoming games. The good news is I have managed to fight several Historical Battles this year. I will be posting the Battle Reports sometime in the first few months of next year.

I have also taken a different approach to the Generals' configuration on their command bases. During the course of the war, Some Generals have been promoted or killed. Many battles started out with a particular General as a brigade commander, Hood during Battle of Seven Pines, Hancock at Battle of Williamsburg, Later during the war They were Promoted to Division and Corps Command. Here is my remedy for this.

The big name Generals will be placed on a stand with an escort. The Division and Corps level flags will be on a stand with an escort. This is General Edwin Sumner with his 2nd Corps Command configuration. Army, Division, and Corps Level Commanders will be represented by two stands.

Lastly, I leave this post with a few parting shots of some of the Historical Battles I have fought this year and will be posting the reports in their entirety at a later date beginning next year.

Battle #1.

Could this be the 5th New York Duryee's Zouaves?

Battle #2.        Another Battle near a river. What Early war battle could this be?

Battle #3.        A brigade of Union Infantry beginning to push into the Virginia Interior. Which Battle is This?

Is That John Bell Hood with the Texas Brigade?

Battle #4.  Confederate Brigades in line advancing.  Brigadier Generals Wilcox, A.P. Hill and Pickett,.

If you would like to speculate the battles based of some of the visual clues please leave a comment. Join this blog and stay up to date. Most importantly, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Battle of Butler Farm Part 2

The Conclusion of the battle.

Turn 4. Confederate Initiative. The Confederate General orders his men to fire once the distance is closed. All along the Confederate line the musketry is heard. Starting with the center regiment and moving right to the flanking regiment. Things become very intense on the Confederate right flank. Casualties begin to mount up as they draw the fire of two Federal regiments.

Turn 5. Federal Initiative.  The Confederate right flank crumbles. The regiment takes on too many casualties and are forced from the field.

The Union General sees an opportunity. The right is shortened and is vulnerable.

Turn 6. Federal Initiative.  Things seem to look brighter for the Confederates. The regiment attacking the center is driven back to the fence. The center is not the only place on the battlefield where the action is. After routing one infantry regt, the federal Infantry moves into position for the next volley.

The Confederate battery notices they are the new right flank. Then they notice the Union regiment in Battle line advancing towards them from the side.

The Confederate Battery is driven from the field by Flanking fire from a Federal Regiment.

One of the reserves is marched in the direction of the troubled flank.

Just then, The Center of the defensive line falls apart. The regiment taking constant casualties, can endure no more. They rout and take flight to the rear.

With the right flank in danger and now the center regiment being routed, The General calls for an orderly withdrawal. Hopefully they can fall back to the other side of the river and regroup in a shorter line of defence.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Battle of Butler Farm Part 1

Turn 1. The Georgia Brigade is set up across the farm of a Mr. Butler. Both Flanks of the brigade are anchored in tree lines A Battery of Napoleons are at the edge of the clearing with a good view of the opposing tree line. 

The smell of a fresh field. The Georgia troops hope that they are able to rest after the weeks worth of fighting and marching.

"Colonel, Do you see what I-" Started the Captain. "Yes, I do." Replied the Colonel as he called for the drummer to beat the long roll.

Coming out of the woods in a long Battle line is the New York Brigade that they had faced the week before.

The Artillerist prepare their guns for the coming action.

Turn 2. Federal Iniatiave  The Federal artillery battery fires at the Georgia Infantry in front of the house. The barrage is horrendous. Soldiers duck and kneel. The Confederate Battery returns counter battery fire. The Union General orders his men forward and the long line of men emerge from the woods and begin to close to the enemy.

Turn 3. Federal Iniaitive. The flanks of the advancing brigade seem to make good progress. The regiment in the center takes time to cross the split rail fence before it can move forward.  The flank regiments close distance and open fire. The lead Georgia regiment seems to be the focus. The Colonel has his men continue to hold their fire. 

"Steady men. Steady. Hold your position." Yells the Colonel.

The Union right Flank opens up with a quick volley.

federal Artillery continues to fire.

The Center regiment finally manages to cross the fence and reform. They move forward. The reserve regiment makes it to the fence and prepares to follow.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Dismounted Cavalry

This week I had some time to take some pictures of my dismounted cavalry that I recently finished.

I had purchased one pack each of both Federal and Confederate Dismounted Cavalry. The Federals came wearing Kepis. The Confederates in slouch hats. So I decided to mix and match to get a variety.

The enlisted men come in three poses. Firing while kneeling, Advancing, and standing and loading. There is also a Officer pointing and a bugler.

Holding position.

Ready for action.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Battle of Western Woods Part 2

The Battle concludes.

"Forward men, forward!" Shouts the Pennsylvania Brigade commander.  The Guns of Bill's Battery open fire into the onrushing infantry.

On the Federal right flank, the exchange of musketry and cannon fire has created Hell on Earth. A Georgia Regiment succumbs to the mounting casualties and they retire from the field. 

The Georgia commander orders the second line forward. As the broken regiment is seen in the background.

On the Federal left Flank the Pennsylvania Brigade presses ever closer. Shouldering their way through the hail storm of lead. The Confederate battery commander quickly orders his gunners to load Double canister.

Closing to point blank range. The North Carolina Infantry have held their fire for this moment.

The Federal Artillery Battery in the center breaks and retreats from the field. Rifled musket fire and counter batter were too much for them.

General Gil waves his hand in front of his face trying to block the sun. He peers into the distant smoke of the battle. Desperate to see any sign of progress in the swirl of smoke.

General Horatio continues to write orders and sends his messengers. He requests more ammo and water for the front ranks. 

All along the Confederate line. hundreds of muskets open fire. after what seems like an eternity. two of the lead Pennsylvania Regiments break as a result of heavy casualties. They withdraw from the field.

On the Federal Right. Two new Georgia Regiments plug the hole in the line and make ready to fire.

General Gil pleads with his broken ranks. "Stop, men please! Don't you love your country?" A dirty faced private in the crowd yells back. "We love our country and we're doing our best to get back to it!"

Shortly afterward. The Pennsylvania Brigade commander was killed by canister fire. The remnants of The brigade break and run. With the field drenched in the blood of those who fought here, the assault comes to an abrupt end. The new York Brigade holds position until nightfall and retire from the field. The cannons continue to maintain counter battery until the lose of light forces them to quit the field.  So ends another chapter. The result was a resounding Confederate victory.