Saturday, February 27, 2016

Battle of Jefferson Turnpike Part 2

This is the conclusion to my Fictional campaign. Starting in March I will be posting Battle reports for historical battles that were fought in Virginia in 1862.

When we left off, The battle was just getting started.

The Pennsylvania Brigade advances to meet the South Carolina attackers.

Confederate Left flank advancing.

The Georgia Brigade in the center of the attack moves even closer. By this time. They have taken a few hits from the Federal Artillery 

Adjusting Fire, the battery makes the most of its position and rains shells along the road.

One Union Battery holds their fire until they can  see their target. They know the Confederates are coming. Soon they will Crest the ridge.........

.....and they will let loose with their guns.

"Forward men, Forward!!" The Confederate center surges forward. as they move closer, the air begins to be filled with the rising voices of the "Rebel Yell."

Due to the rating of the woods and the line of sight rule, the opposing forces had to get in close to let loose their musketry.

The New York battery opens fire with double canister at the approaching Brigade.

Casualties begin to mount up. The brigade commander is shot from his horse and killed. a few of his regiments are routed from the field. 

The contest in the woods unfolds.  The leading Pennsylvania regiment expends their ammo and is forced to retire. The assaults were just too much for them.

The Center of the attack stalls. to the Confederate left we see the South Carolina brigade hotly engaged in the woods. Where is the Alabama Brigade? They are having a tough time coming through the woods in their front. messengers getting lost, orders being either ignored or misunderstood. Without support, the attack will fail and they Federals will take the attackers apart brigade by brigade. 

The Alabama Brigade continues to move at a slow pace.

The Georgia brigade is all but swept from the field.

The Federal right flank begins to stabilize as the South Carolina Brigade looses steam. Shortly afterwards the SC brigade falls back and holds a position just inside the wood line.  In the center, The remainder of the Georgia Brigade limps back to their starting positions.  The Alabama Brigade finally pushes it's way out of the woods to attack the Federal left flank. They make a brilliant stand but the concentrated fire from the Federals drives them off. With this the battle comes to a conclusion. A Federal Victory. 

With the conclusion of this battle comes the end of my fictional campaign. The battles that I have fought so far have been based loosely on real battle situations or terrain. I have used these fictional battles as practice for when i do actual historical battles.  The result of my fictional campaign is, Confederate Wins=5, Federal Wins=6, Draw=6. It has been pretty equal across the board. The game mechanics are pretty straight forward. The outcome of the battles depend on the dice and and skill of the generals. On the topic of Generals, The losses of Brigade commanders is shocking. An average of almost one general casualty per game. I admit that I should have kept an over all count of casualties so I could give hard numbers.However, like I said, this was a "learning the rules" experience, I am happy to say that the next series of battles will be a bit more informative.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Battle of Jefferson Turnpike Part 1

This is the first part of my last fictional battle. Beginning in March, I will start posting  Battle Reports for Historical based battles that I have played.

This is a division level battle. During the early morning hours the Union commander started his troops on the march. He had his orders to locate the Confederate Division that had captured the railroad junction two days ago.  Now, as the morning mists have been burned away by the sun, the glint of bayonets cane be seen in the treeline to the left. The Confederates open fire with cannons and orders are sent along the column to make haste and prepare for the attack.

Three Union Brigades plus artillery vs Three Confederate Brigades and artillery.

Turn 1. Confederate Initiative. Three full Confederate Brigades advance on the union troops in the road. The report of cannons are heard as the shells whistle overhead and crash among the Blue clad troops.

Immediate action brings the Federal Batteries into line and prepare for counter battery.

The Confederate center. Georgia troops are given the order to advance. The Alabama Brigade can be seen in the distance.

The Confederate Battery preps their guns. The gunner sights the piece. The elevation is set and the order is given. The guns roar.

The Commanding General for the Confederate division is calm in his actions. He has faith in his men and the element of surprise aided him in the opening moments of the battle.

Soldiers who were on the march are now suddenly brought into action.

The Confederate center advancing.

The Union Right Flank, Pennsylvania Soldiers advance off the road to meet the aggressor.

The Brigadier General momentarily lost his nerve and failed to order his troops into line. The Colonels took the initiative and attempted to more their troops into action.

The Federal Commander travels up and down the line checking on his men. He is concerned. The "Rebs" shouldn't be here. They should have been miles away from this location. Battle has been met. The time is now.

The road was narrow and the reserves filed into the field adjacent to the road.

South Carolina troops advance forward. The grove of trees slows their progress only a moment.

"To the Enemy!"The Pennsylvania Brigade moves into the field to meet the enemy.
To be Concluded.........