Monday, April 11, 2016

Port Columbus: The Civil War Naval Museum, Columbus Ga

Located In downtown Columbus Georgia on the waterfront with the Chattahoochee River.

1002 Victory Dr, Columbus, Ga 31901
Phone (706)-327-9798

The weekend of the 3rd, I took my family out to the American Civil War Naval Museum for a bit of fun and education. There was also a skirmish with reenactors dressed as US and CS Marines and Navy. The weather was great for the outdoor activities.

The remains of two actual Confederate Ironclads are on display. The CSS Jackson and the CSS Chattahoochee. Not to mention the largest collection of naval flags and other artifacts from this time period. I canot stress how much I enjoyed my visit here. The wealth of information along with the artifacts makes this one of the best places to visit and learn about the Civil War. I highly recommend a visit here if you are in the area.

Assorted weapons display.

Lets do the math here. This piece of timber s from the CSS Jackson. When Union cavalry captured the city of Columbus, this Ironclad was anchored at the dock. The Union troops set her on fire and let her drift out into the river where she eventually sank. She rested in the river bottom for close to 100 years. This piece of wood was likely from a tree that was grown there in Columbus GA. I was able to count over 38 rings. This would mean that the tree started growing back before 1830. This is a true piece of history.

Navy Uniforms

A Model of the CSS Missouri. the Ironclad that inspired the design of the CSS Jackson.

Replica Flag of the CSS Jackson. The original is housed in the Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond VA.

This is the original garrison flag of Fort St. Philip. This 9ft 6in by 6ft flag flew over the fort which is located at the mouth of the Mississippi River. The Fort was one of two forts that protected the New Orleans  in 1862.

Many Original flags, both Union and Confederate are on display.

This is the command flag of Union Admiral David Dixon Porter.

The command flag of Confederate Admiral Franklin Buchanan. This flag was flown on the Ironclad CSS Tennessee during the battle of Mobile Bay in 1864.

Top deck of a life sized replica of the Water Witch.

A Torpedo from 1864. Torpedos where mines that floated at the waterline. The pines on the top would detonate when struck by a ships hull. The explosion would cause serious damage to the ship.

Over watch on the Chattahoochee River.

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