Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Situation Report: Richmond May 29, 1862

General Joseph E. Johnston  meets with Confederate President Jefferson Davis' Military advisor, General Robert E. Lee. They discuss the situation with the Federal Army outside of Richmond. They know that McClellan outnumbers them. General Johnston devises a plan to attack the Army of the Potomac as it sits divided by the Chickahominy River.

May 30, 1862 brings a thunderstorm that swells the Chickahominy River. Johnston orders his Generals to attack on the 31st. Longstreet, Magruder, and D.H. Hill

General George B. McClellan  has a meeting with his Corps Commanders outside of White House, Virginia. The main suply depot for the Peninsula campaign.

Erasmus Keys 4th Corps  is positioned south of the Chickahominy River, while Samuel Heintzelman's 3rd Corps and Edwin Sumner's 2nd Corps are on the North Side of the river.