Monday, July 27, 2015

Griswoldville Battlefield

I have lived in Georgia for the better part of all my life and never visited this place until recently. I live almost an hour from it. One of the first things you will notice when crossing the railroad tracks into the community is the Georgia State Historical Markers that are set up on the side of the road. They tell the story of the Griswoldville town and its part in the Civil War.

This is drawing of the Town of Griswoldville as it look at the time The Federals burned it to the ground.
This was a thriving community in 1864. The town also contained a soap and candle factory.

During its years in operation, The Griswoldville pistol factory manufactured
over five thousand .36 cal pistols for the Confederate Government. At its peak. It was producing
Five pistols a day. A low number compared to Colt Firearms.

The Church is standing close to the original location of the Griswold Pistol factory.

The Post Office and train depot would have been on the left side of the road by the rail road tracks.
Also present was the Candle and Soap Factory, A Saw Mill and Grist Mill. General Sherman
 made sure that no one washed themselves with soap in the candle light.

North is top of the page. West is to the left of the page. West is also the direction of Macon Georgia.
 The origin of the State Militia that attacked the Federals outside Griswoldville.

The Battlefield Monument is situated of Baker Road which  is off of Old Griswoldville Road in Jones County Georgia. The Monument is placed basically where the center of the front line would have been. The Confederates would have advanced toward the monument from the treeline in the distance.

Arvin Nye Gunnison, Sam Griswold's business partner in the firearms factory.

Samuel Griswold. The founder of the town

The Athens Battalion of teh Home Guard would have advanced from the treeline in the distance. There is a home and private property behind me. I wonder how it feels knowing your home is sitting on the fron line of where people have died?

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