Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Siege Mortars

This is my 10" and 13" siege mortars. These are made by GHQ Miniatures. The crew are also from GHQ.

Model 1861 13" Seacoast Mortar. The barrel weighed in at 17,120 lbs and fired a 197 lb shell. All of the Confederate 13" mortars were seized from Federal Arsenals. They were used primarily for defense of forts and other fixed positions. 

10" Siege Mortars

13" Siege Mortars.

The Army of the Potomac had dedicated siege train assigned to them when they invaded the Virginia Peninsula in 1862. General George McClellan attempted to lay siege to the city of Yorktown which was in Confederate hands and held by General John Magruder. Before all the mortars were in place, Magruder evacuated the city.

Model 1841 10"  Sea Coast Siege Mortars. the barrel weighed in at 5,775 lbs and it fired a 88 lb shell.

13" Siege Mortars

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