Friday, August 14, 2015

Battle of Anna Station; a cavalry raid part 1

This was a cavalry raid involving mixed units. The Confederates had a Brigade of 4 Cavalry Regiments. The objective was for the Cavalry to force a crossing at either bridge and capture/burn the train station. This was a daunting task considering what was against them.

Confederate Cavalry Brigade                                      Union Mixed Command
Maj Gen Toby (Commanding)                                    Brig Gen Witcliff (Commanding)
Brig Gen Miles (Brig Cmdr)                                       Brig Gen Brandbury (Brig Cmdr)
x4  Cavalry Regt.                                                         x2 Cavalry Regts.
                                                                                     x2 Infantry Regts.

The Confederate Force is the attacker
Union only activates when Cavalry Force make contact with enemy.

Turn 1. Confederate Initiative. Maj Gen Toby commanding the Confederate raiding force sets his temporary HQ at the
Widow Dingus's Farm. Scouts report that the bridges are unprotected and if they seize the moment they can make good distance. Gen Toby decides to break his force into two separate forces. Each Force will make for a separate Bridge and force a crossing.

Brig Gen. Witcliff scratches his head while reading the report. He knows that the Rebs are in the area, but he don't know where. His orders are to Only send the Infantry out when they cavalry has made contact. 

The cavalry is ordered to advance to the bridges. One regiment will take the bridge by the mill while the other regiment makes for the far bridge.

Maj Gen. Toby at his Headquarters. The Widow Dingus furnished The General and his staff with sweet tea and a hearty breakfast.

"Forward.... Yooooo!"

Turn 2. Confederate Initiative. using the cover of trees, the confederate force moves forward. It is slow going where there are no roads. General Toby finishes his breakfast, thanks the Widow and mounts his horse, "Dogfood." With a wave of his hand  his detachment moves for the Lone Bridge.

The Federal Cavalry make good progress during the short march. being on the home field,  The bridges are closer to the Federals. One Cavalry Regt. forces the crossing at the mill and decides to advance.

General Miles Cavalry moving through the woods towards the Mill bridge.

Turn 3. Union Initiative The cavalry regt. at the Mill Bridge makes contact with the advancing Rebel force. The Federals dismount and form a firing line to hold the bridge. Further down the river the Confederate Force under General Toby seizes the bridge and begins to advance over their newly won prize. However, on the other side General Witcliff and one of the cavalry regiments is waiting.

General Granbury and his troopers. "We have them now!" He says.

Turn 4. Union Initiative. The Federal carbines open up on the rebs crossing the bridge. This brash move by the Confederates is costly as casualties begin to mount. The second Confederate Regiment returns fire as they support the advance.

The crack of the carbines are heard throughout the valley. The federal defenders put up a strong defiant stand in the face of two Confederate regiments. The opening barrage was too much for one southern regiment who in turn breaks and withdraws from the field. The Union regimental commander knows that he will need to adjust his line or else he will be flanked.

And so sets the scene for Turn 4.

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