Friday, August 21, 2015

Battle of Anna Station; a cavalry raid part 2

The conclusion of last weeks battle.

Brig General Miles attempts to rally the regiment.

Turn 4. federal Initiative. The battle continues for the Mill Bridge. The Federal Regiment attempts to adjust their facing so they can counter the Flanking fire that will some come.

Meanwhile, at the Lone Bridge, The fire intensifies. General Toby comes to a crossroad with his assault.

Turn 5 Confederate Initiative. Covering fire.

Brig Gen Brandbury moves the Infantry forward after a rough go the turn before. It seems that no one understood what to do when the first shots were heard.

Turn 6. finds both confederate regiments at the Mill Bridge routed. For the moment the Mill Bridge seems to be safe in Federal hands. General Miles shakes his head in disappointment at the fact he could not rally his men.

The Confederates withdraw to the back side of the hill.

General Toby's adjutant pleads with him to withdraw. the cavalrymen on the bridge cannot force a breakthrough and are bottle necked on the bridge.

Advancing at the double quick.

Turn 7.The assault on the Lone Bridge is concluded. The Confederate Regiment reaches its breaking point and retires. General Toby hangs his head as he yields to the situation. The Supporting regiment covers the withdrawal and makes preparations to follow the retreat.

General Brandbury, fashionably late with his Infantry support. The battle was a completely One sided victory for the defending Federal Forces. Although the Infantry played no real active part in the battle, Their presence was a constant threat to the time table of the Confederate force. The Confederates should have used their mobility and their size to their advantage. The force should have focused their numbers on one objective and went with it.

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