Saturday, October 31, 2015

Battle of Bald Hill Part 2

The battle continues

Turn 9. Federal Initiative. The cavalry falls back unable to give any more resistance. General Theo's brigade pushes forward into the corn. The Confederate Cavalry Colonel dismounts his troopers and prepares for the storm to come. He sees the bright blue banners of the infantry advancing towards him.

A battery of confederate arrives and makes its way to the crest of the hill.

Turn 10. Federal Initiative. The lead elements of the brigade break through to the clearing. General Beau's dismounted troopers open fire on the infantry. The Confederate Colonel mounts his troopers and falls back. 

Turn 11. Confederate Initiative. General Dan's brigade pushes to the edge of the woods and General Theo's Infantry push into the clearing under fir from the dismounted Cavalry on the hill. One of the Federal Regiments returns fire. The confederate battery moves to the top of the hill and deploys

Turn 12. Federal Initiative. A second volley from the Union regiment causes the dismounted troopers to break and withdrawal. General Beau retires from the field with his troopers. The confederate battery opens fire on the bunched up brigade of blue. 

"Forward Men, Forward!"

General Dan's brigade advances into the field.

The musketry was deadly and accurate. men died where they stood. The rushing advance of the Federals was stopped by a wall of southern lead. 

The battle raged back and forth for a few turns.

The sun began to set in the west with no clear winner of this battle. As the last rays of sun light faded through the trees and the purple fingers of night began to grip the countryside, each army slowly withdrew from the field to take a defensive line opposing each other. Throughout the night the sounds of lone musket fire, the sounds of the dying and the cries of the wounded could be heard. General Theo was not happy with the outcome of this days contest. His battery had not came up and as of 9 o' clock that evening they had still not arrived.  The Infantry took positions and made defenses the best they could.
General Dan was concerned about the performance of his troops. he knew he lost valuable time advancing through the woods in line of battle. He thought it was wise considering the disposition of the federal advance and the fact that only two Confederate Cavalry regiments opposed them. Advancing in line saved time and prevented his infantry from being fired on in column. As he adjusted his lines for the evening and tended to the wounded, he waited for his orders from General Leroy's headquarters.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Battle of Bald Hill Part 1

After the losses sustained from the last few battles, Both sides are becoming desperate to gain the advantage and end this conflict as quick as possible.
Early in the morning, both armies break camp and begin there movements. General Leroy issues orders to General Dan and his division to advance along the river and locate Union General Theo's Division.
Each armies' cavalry  moves in advance of the infantry in search of the enemy........

Turn 1. Federal Initiative. Union General Gaston leads his two regiments along a meadow. They have been traveling  all morning with no sign of the Confederates. They take a momentary break to take water and consult there map.

General Gaston has sent skirmishers to travel parallel to the formation in the hopes of locating the enemy.

General Beau and his two regiments of cavalry move cautiously through the countryside. They know that the Federals are nearby. They have been seeing signs in the horizon. The dust cloud of a large body of horses was seen thirty minutes ago and then it stopped.

This could mean one of two things. The enemy has either stopped or they are still moving but not on the road. general Beau gives the signal for his troopers to move forward to the hill in front of them. From this vantage point he hopes to locate the Federal force.

Turn 2. Federal Initiative.  General Gaston orders his men to saddle up and prepare to move out. according to his map. there is a small hill nearby that can be used as a vantage point.  The federal cavalry advances past the edge of the corn field

Turn 3. Confederate Initiative. General Beau sends one regiment around the base of the hill while he leads the other to the summit. he crests the hill and to his surprise he sees the guidons and blue jackets of a Federal cavalry force advancing in his direction.

"There they ARE!" General Gaston hurries his troopers forward to close with the enemy.

General Beau brings his regiment into line and dismounts. His troopers prepares to engage.

Turn 4. Federal Initiative. general Gaston realizes he is bottle necked between the corn field and the snake rail fence. none the less he orders his troopers into line and continues to advance.

The lead Federal regiment comes into range and General Beau orders a volley.

Turn 5. Confederate Initiative. The two regiments engage in a bloody firefight.

General Beau's second regiment goes along the base of the hill and makes way for the corn field. The Colonel has the idea that maybe he can flank the force that is engaging the first regiment

Turn 6. Federal Initiative. The sound of combat attracts the attention of the Union Infantry. They make there way onto the field. General Theo brings his brigade into line and begins his advance.

The Union Infantry look  forward. Their sight hindered by the thickness of the cornfield. They continue to hear the sounds of combat not far in the distance.

Turn 7. Federal Initiative. The opposing cavalry continue to slug it out with each other. The colonel of the second Confederate Regiment holds its position. He decides to go into line and hold the edge of the cornfield. General Theo advances his infantry into the cornfield.

Turn 8. federal Initiative. General Gaston Gives the order to break contact with the Rebels on the hill. They withdraw back down the hill and regroup with the second cavalry regiment.

The sounds of combat have not only attracted the The Federals. General Dan makes slow progress with his soldiers as they advance through the thick woods. The contest is about to heat up.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

New Battlefield Props.

I have been busy this month. I apologize for the lack of posts this month. Sometimes life gets in the way of our hobbies.

Simple two story plank board farm house from JR Miniatures.

Victorian home ready for a town to place it in.

Looking forward to placing these on my next battlefield.