Monday, November 23, 2015

Battle of Western Woods Part 2

The Battle concludes.

"Forward men, forward!" Shouts the Pennsylvania Brigade commander.  The Guns of Bill's Battery open fire into the onrushing infantry.

On the Federal right flank, the exchange of musketry and cannon fire has created Hell on Earth. A Georgia Regiment succumbs to the mounting casualties and they retire from the field. 

The Georgia commander orders the second line forward. As the broken regiment is seen in the background.

On the Federal left Flank the Pennsylvania Brigade presses ever closer. Shouldering their way through the hail storm of lead. The Confederate battery commander quickly orders his gunners to load Double canister.

Closing to point blank range. The North Carolina Infantry have held their fire for this moment.

The Federal Artillery Battery in the center breaks and retreats from the field. Rifled musket fire and counter batter were too much for them.

General Gil waves his hand in front of his face trying to block the sun. He peers into the distant smoke of the battle. Desperate to see any sign of progress in the swirl of smoke.

General Horatio continues to write orders and sends his messengers. He requests more ammo and water for the front ranks. 

All along the Confederate line. hundreds of muskets open fire. after what seems like an eternity. two of the lead Pennsylvania Regiments break as a result of heavy casualties. They withdraw from the field.

On the Federal Right. Two new Georgia Regiments plug the hole in the line and make ready to fire.

General Gil pleads with his broken ranks. "Stop, men please! Don't you love your country?" A dirty faced private in the crowd yells back. "We love our country and we're doing our best to get back to it!"

Shortly afterward. The Pennsylvania Brigade commander was killed by canister fire. The remnants of The brigade break and run. With the field drenched in the blood of those who fought here, the assault comes to an abrupt end. The new York Brigade holds position until nightfall and retire from the field. The cannons continue to maintain counter battery until the lose of light forces them to quit the field.  So ends another chapter. The result was a resounding Confederate victory. 

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