Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Battle of Western Woods Part 1

This is a Division level battle. Maj Gen. Horatio managed to deploy his men along the edge of a tree line with Artillery support. Union Maj. Gen. Gil was forced into the attack by circumstance and not by design.

Maj. Gen Horatio. Division      4000 inf

1 Bde Georgia Infantry. 5 Regts  22 stands          Confederate Left Flank
1 Bde North Carolina Inf.  5 Regts.  18 stands     Confederate Right Flank
Harris Battery  4 guns 3" Ord       Left Flank
Sprig Battery  4 guns  12lb Nap   Center
Bill's Battery 4 guns  12lb Nap     Right Flank

Maj Gen. Gil  Division     4600 inf

1 Bde New York Inf. 5 Regts.  23 stands        Union Right flank
1 Bde Pennsylvania Inf. 5 Regts. 23 stands     Union Left Flank
Bco NY Arty 4 guns  12lb Nap     Union Left Flank
Dco NY Arty 6 guns  12lb Nap     Union Center
Cco NY Arty 4 guns  12lb Nap         Union Right Flank

Turn 1. Confederate Initiative. The Confederate general realizes he has a good defensive position and elects to hold in place. Orders are given along the line to load and hold. "Wait for the Enemy Host." Only the Artillery is ordered to engage.

New York Brigade on the Union Right Flank.

Federal Artillery in the center

North Carolina Infantry hold the Confederate Right Flank. They are opposite the Pennsylvania Brigade.

The Brigadier General from Pennsylvania realizes he is in a bad position. His regiments are formed in the open with no cover. He decides that his best course of action is to close the distance with the enemy as quickly as possible.

The Confederate Division Commander Major General Horatio. His plan of attack comes from being in a good position. He will hold his troops at the edge of the wood line and await the enemy. 

The Union General Major General Gil. His strategy is to advance with his right flank with the left flank Brigade and artillery providing supporting fire.
The Confederate batteries open up along the line. One of the New York Infantry regiments on the Federal right takes casualties and routes from the field. The other two batteries also cause havoc. The Federal left flank surges forward with the sound of the Union Artillery providing fire. The New York Regiments return fire One of the Georgia Regiments takes casualties but remains.

The New Yorkers sending a volley. The brass Federal Napoleons contributing to the carnage. 

The Pennsylvania General  shouts. "At the Double Quick, Forward March!" With this the blue wave surges forward into the oncoming fire. As they advance, soldiers begin to fall from the ranks, one then two at a time. They must close the distance. They must close the distance so they can deliver a brutal volley at close range. Only then can they drive the Confederates out of their lightly defended lines. Hopefully the Artillery can keep the enemy occupied.

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