Friday, December 4, 2015

Battle of Butler Farm Part 1

Turn 1. The Georgia Brigade is set up across the farm of a Mr. Butler. Both Flanks of the brigade are anchored in tree lines A Battery of Napoleons are at the edge of the clearing with a good view of the opposing tree line. 

The smell of a fresh field. The Georgia troops hope that they are able to rest after the weeks worth of fighting and marching.

"Colonel, Do you see what I-" Started the Captain. "Yes, I do." Replied the Colonel as he called for the drummer to beat the long roll.

Coming out of the woods in a long Battle line is the New York Brigade that they had faced the week before.

The Artillerist prepare their guns for the coming action.

Turn 2. Federal Iniatiave  The Federal artillery battery fires at the Georgia Infantry in front of the house. The barrage is horrendous. Soldiers duck and kneel. The Confederate Battery returns counter battery fire. The Union General orders his men forward and the long line of men emerge from the woods and begin to close to the enemy.

Turn 3. Federal Iniaitive. The flanks of the advancing brigade seem to make good progress. The regiment in the center takes time to cross the split rail fence before it can move forward.  The flank regiments close distance and open fire. The lead Georgia regiment seems to be the focus. The Colonel has his men continue to hold their fire. 

"Steady men. Steady. Hold your position." Yells the Colonel.

The Union right Flank opens up with a quick volley.

federal Artillery continues to fire.

The Center regiment finally manages to cross the fence and reform. They move forward. The reserve regiment makes it to the fence and prepares to follow.

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