Friday, December 11, 2015

Battle of Butler Farm Part 2

The Conclusion of the battle.

Turn 4. Confederate Initiative. The Confederate General orders his men to fire once the distance is closed. All along the Confederate line the musketry is heard. Starting with the center regiment and moving right to the flanking regiment. Things become very intense on the Confederate right flank. Casualties begin to mount up as they draw the fire of two Federal regiments.

Turn 5. Federal Initiative.  The Confederate right flank crumbles. The regiment takes on too many casualties and are forced from the field.

The Union General sees an opportunity. The right is shortened and is vulnerable.

Turn 6. Federal Initiative.  Things seem to look brighter for the Confederates. The regiment attacking the center is driven back to the fence. The center is not the only place on the battlefield where the action is. After routing one infantry regt, the federal Infantry moves into position for the next volley.

The Confederate battery notices they are the new right flank. Then they notice the Union regiment in Battle line advancing towards them from the side.

The Confederate Battery is driven from the field by Flanking fire from a Federal Regiment.

One of the reserves is marched in the direction of the troubled flank.

Just then, The Center of the defensive line falls apart. The regiment taking constant casualties, can endure no more. They rout and take flight to the rear.

With the right flank in danger and now the center regiment being routed, The General calls for an orderly withdrawal. Hopefully they can fall back to the other side of the river and regroup in a shorter line of defence.

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