Friday, December 25, 2015

The Year in Review

This has been a very interesting and busy year for me in both my hobby and in my personal life.

I have been painting figures and researching battles for upcoming games. The good news is I have managed to fight several Historical Battles this year. I will be posting the Battle Reports sometime in the first few months of next year.

I have also taken a different approach to the Generals' configuration on their command bases. During the course of the war, Some Generals have been promoted or killed. Many battles started out with a particular General as a brigade commander, Hood during Battle of Seven Pines, Hancock at Battle of Williamsburg, Later during the war They were Promoted to Division and Corps Command. Here is my remedy for this.

The big name Generals will be placed on a stand with an escort. The Division and Corps level flags will be on a stand with an escort. This is General Edwin Sumner with his 2nd Corps Command configuration. Army, Division, and Corps Level Commanders will be represented by two stands.

Lastly, I leave this post with a few parting shots of some of the Historical Battles I have fought this year and will be posting the reports in their entirety at a later date beginning next year.

Battle #1.

Could this be the 5th New York Duryee's Zouaves?

Battle #2.        Another Battle near a river. What Early war battle could this be?

Battle #3.        A brigade of Union Infantry beginning to push into the Virginia Interior. Which Battle is This?

Is That John Bell Hood with the Texas Brigade?

Battle #4.  Confederate Brigades in line advancing.  Brigadier Generals Wilcox, A.P. Hill and Pickett,.

If you would like to speculate the battles based of some of the visual clues please leave a comment. Join this blog and stay up to date. Most importantly, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


  1. Thank you. It has taken some time but, I have slowly been adding and improving to my battlefields. The research for the historical battles has been fascinating. The only hard part I seem to have is finding Orders of Battles with troop strength.


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