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First Battle of Kernstown March 23, 1862 Part 1 Morning Action: Pritchards Hill

The Shenandoah valley rests between the Blue Ridge Mtns to the east and the Shenandoah Mountains to the west. The valley was considered the "Breadbasket" of the state. It was accessible  by passes in between the mountains. The Valley  served as a Highway for the armies. The Blue Ridge Mtns hid troop movements.
~Orders of Battle~
Union Forces

BG. James Shields

Col. Jeremiah Sullivan Brigade

13th IN Inf                        6 stands
62nd OH Inf                      8 stands
39th IL Inf                        5 stands

Col. Nathan Kimball Brigade

5th OH Inf                        8 stands
84th PA Inf                       4 stands
67th OH Inf                       6 stands
8th OH Inf                         5 stands  


Confederate Forces

Maj. Gen Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson

Brig Gen Samuel Fulkerson

23rd VA Inf                          3 stands
37th VA Inf                          4 stands

Brig Gen Richard Garnett  "Stonewall Brigade"

2nd VA Inf                        3 stands
4th VA Inf                         3 stands
27th Va Inf                        2 stands

Danville Va Artillery          2 stands ( 12lb Napoleons)


Turn 1. Confederate Iniaitive. Kernstown can be seen represented by the buildings at the crossroad. to the north of town is Hog Run. The Federal Brigade Under Col. Nathan Kimball is deployed on Pritchards Hill directly in front of Garrett and Fulkerson's Brigades. I deployed the Danville Artillery Battery directly behind them in support.

Col. Turner Ashby's 7th VA Cav riding into Kernstown.

Maj General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson directing the engagement.

5th Ohio Infantry forms the Federal left on Pritchards hill. the 84th PA and 67th OH Infantrys complete the line.

General James Shields positions himself between his brigades so he can lend a hand with his pressence if needed. Generals have stats that allow brigade commanders to pass cohesion checks to perform manouvers.

The artillery battery cannot make out any targets in the woods ahead of them, they remain silent as the assault begins.  The Brigade of Richard Garnett "Stonewall Brigade" moves forward. the 2nd 4th, and 27th VA Infantry regts move forward.

Turn 2. Confederate Iniaitive. Garnett and Fulkerson manage to cross Hog run with their forces and they continue to advance. Ashby's cavalry cross the bridge and move north of town.

Samuel Fulkerson with the 23rd and 37th VA Infantry Regts.

Col. Nathan Kimball can be seen in the center. "Here they come, men. Make ready."

Turn 3. Federal Iniaitive. Kimballs Brigade opens fire all along the line. The 37th VA melts away under the opening volley. The 27th VA in Garnetts brigade follows suit.

As the action heats up on the Confederate Left, Ashby's Cavaly moves off the road and deploys north of the field. Shields orders Col. Sullivans Brigade to move south in force.

Ashby's Cavalry deployed.

A soldier files past General Jackson and says. "We're out of ammo, sir." Jackson's replied. "Then go back and give them the bayonet."

Turn 4. Confederate Iniaitive. The Brigades of Garnett and Fulkerson have closed into the enemy and opened fire. Casualties begin to mount on both sides. The Danville Artillery Battery opens fire at the hole in the front line.

Turn 5. Confederate Iniaitive. The smoke fills the field as the casualties continue to rise.

Turn 6. Federal Iniaitive. The advance of Sullivans Brigade forces the outnumbered cavalry to fall back across Hog Run.The 23rd VA breaks and falls back. with this, Garnett is left unsupported on the extreme left. The 8th Ohio Infantry who was held in reserve is now ordered to move to the Federal right in an attempt to extend the federal line and also take pressure off the 6th Ohio who is holding the flank.

Garnett behind the 4th VA as they continue to lay down a devestating rate of fire against the Federals on the hill.

Ashby's 7th VA Cav redeploys just on this side of the bridge.

Turn 7. With Fulkerson's brigade gone, and Garnett down to two regts and unsuported, He decides to fall back. This decision is hastened by the appearance of  the 8th Ohio Infantry coming into line and advancing.
Jackson decides that the day is not lost yet. After consulting his maps he decides to take his force to the left in a flanking movement. If he can get behind this force before him and possibly the high ground, he can possible cut Shields off from Winchester..............  be continued.

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