Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Army of the Potomac: Command Stands and Flags

 I remodeled my command stands for my Union Army. I placed Generals with an aide on one stand and the HQ Guidon and an escort on another stand. Army, Corps, and Division Generals are represented by two stands. Here are a few of the modified Generals.

General Irwin McDowell and his I Corps HQ.

General George B. McClellan and his distinctive Army of the Potomac HQ Flag. a red color banner with a eagle surrounded by a wreath.

McClellan with General Sumner II Corps and Heintzelman III Corps.

It was not easy painting with a tooth pick.

Generals Erasmus Keyes' IV Corps and Fitz John Porter's V Corps.

General Alfred Pleasonton's Cavalry HQ Flag for the Army of the Potomac.

General Sumner's II Corps and his two division commanders, General Israel Richardson and John Sedgwick.

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