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Battle of Big Bethal, June 10,1861 Part 1

The Battle of Big Bethel on the Peninsula.

~Orders of Battle~
Union Forces

BG. Ebenezer W. Peirce

5th NY Duryee's Zouaves      6 stands
7th NY Inf                           6 stands (German speaking)
4th Mass Inf                        3 stands
1st Vermont                        2 stands

3rd NY Inf                        6 stands
1st NY Inf                        6 stands
2nd US Artillery B coy      1 stand  (12lb Napoleon)


Confederate Forces

Col. Daniel Harvey Hill

1st NC Inf                            8 stands   (Commanded by Col. Hill)
3rd VA Inf                           2 stands
Montagues VA BN (Cav)      2 stands
Whyth Rifles                       1 stand
Peninsula Cavalry                1 stand   (commanded by J.B. Hood)
Mecklenburg Dragoons        1 stand
Richmond Va Howitzers      2 stands ( 12lb Napoleons)


During the early morning hours, The Federal troops from Fort Monroe were ordered to March overland and attack Confederate forces. Along the march, the units got lost and scattered. The 3rd New York Infantry were equiped with Gray state militia uniforms. This led to a friendly fire incident with the All German 7th NY Inf which opened fire of them. The resulting Musket fire gave away the element of surprise.

Turn 1. Federal Initiative General Peirce moves the troops forward The 5th NY and 4th Mass move up. the 3rd Ny moves up slowly.

7th NY Inf with 1st Vermont Inf behind them.

Lt John Greble's Artillery Battery flies forward to deploy in the road

The federal center with the 5th NY. General Peirce orders the men forward. 

The Confederate forces on the redoubt south of Marsh Creek.

Confederate Forces in fortifications across the Hampton Road.

Col. D.H. Hill and his command.

Because of the language barrier, The 7th NY fail to advance. The Vermont troops go into column and advance to the right in the hopes of extending the flank and getting around the stalled Germans.

Duryee's Zouaves on the advance.

The Federal Artillery deploys and adjusts their sights to open fire.

The peaceful countryside is about to be disturbed by the sounds of battle.... To be concluded.

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