Thursday, June 25, 2015

Wade Hampton and his Legion

Wade Hampton III was born in Charleston South Carolina on March 28 1818.
Hampton was a conservative on issues of secession and slavery. He opposed the division of the union as a legislator when the war began. Nonetheless he was loyal to his home state of South Carolina He resigned his position in the Senate and enlisted as a private in the state militia. However, the Governor of South Carolina insisted that he accept a Colonel's commission. Like those in the north, the elite of society were promoted based on social standing regardless of military training. Fortunately for Hampton, he was a born leader.
Hampton organized and partially financed the unit known as "Hampton's Legion." The Legion consisted of six companies of infantry, four companies of cavalry, and one battery of artillery.
Despite his lack of experience and being 42 years old, Hampton was a natural cavalryman. By the end of the war, he was one of only two men without prior military experience to achieve the rank of Lieutenant General. The Legion was broken up and assigned to other units in the Army of Northern Virginia. Most notably were the Hampton Legion Infantry which served in General John B. Hood's famed Texas Brigade. Hampton, and his Legion Cavalry, maintained a presence in J.E.B. Stuart's cavalry division. When Stuart was killed at the Battle of Yellow Tavern in 1864, Hampton was named as his successor to command.

6 companies of infantry. 4 squadrons of cavalry and a battery of 12lb Napoleons

The model is a modified "Ambrose Burnside from the GHQ line of models.

Experimented with some camera features. Took this in sepia.

I like the black and white style of the pic.

Inspecting the troops.

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