Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Battle of Mansfield Historic Park

My job allows me to travel to many places in the United States. Most times I am on a very busy schedule and do not have the time for site seeing. This time was one of the rare moments.

I was able to visit the Mansfield Battlefield Historic Site  The museum is located outside of Mansfield Louisiana on Highway 175 approximately four miles south of town. The battle was fought on April 8th 1864.

 Union General Nathaniel Banks, having arrived from the eastern theatre, relieved Ben Butler in New Orleans. In 1864 Banks concieved what would be the Red River Campaign. The attempt to capture the Confederate capitol located in Shreveport. Confederate General Richard Taylor was attempting to consolidate forces in Shreveport. He decided on holding a position along the Sabine crossroad. The area south of Mansfield. The attack was made by Confederate forces in the afternoon and concluded near sunset that evening. The result was a sweeping Victory for the south and lead to the victory at Pleasant Hill the next day.

A native Frenchman. Camille Armand Prince de Polignac was named "Prince 
Polecat" by his troops. They couldn't pronounce his last name.
He found it funny when he heard 

what a polecat was.


Col. James Beard's personal effects. After the battle, his brother came down from Kingston, Louisiana to claim the body and take him home to be buried. Notice the baby shoes. He kept the shoes as a momento of his infant daughter.

Flag of the 165th New York Infantry Regiment. Duryee's 2nd Zouave Regt.

Monument to General Jean-Jacques Alfred Mouton. He was killed while leading his division. Brig Gen. Camiille Armand Prince de Polignac took over and lead the division to victory.

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