Thursday, June 4, 2015

Battle of Hilltop Farm Part 2

The continuation of the battle.

"FIRE!" The whole Confederate line answers the order with the report of their muskets. One
soldier who was there said. "You couldn't miss them yanks if you wanted too, they were that close."
Turn 5. Rebel Initiative. heavy casualties are suffered by the Federal regiments at
the top of the hill. One regiment on the Union Right flank shatters and runs. The Confederate
battery on the top of the hill let loose with double canister and it was more
than the Pennsylvania men could take. They retreat back behind their
own battery.

The Federal counter battery lets loose with a devastating barrage. A shell explodes in front of a Confederate gun and kills
three crewmen. The battery is shaken but rallies and holds its ground.

After taking the blunt of the musketry, The Union regiments return fire. The equal determination of
both brigades is shown here. neither wanting to back down.

Turn 6. Federal Initiative. The Federal battery opens up again on the Confederate guns. The unwavering courage remains as the crew stay by their guns. The Union Infantry let loose with concentrated fire and then the order to fire at will is given. The Confederates take some casualties but they hold their ground.

Turn 7. Rebel Initiative. The continuous firing by the rebs has caused another Federal Infantry regiment
to withdraw. The secondary regiments hold their positions just below the crest of the hill hoping to draw out the enemy.

The Federal guns continue to hammer out the opposing battery on the hill. The General Caleb decides its now or never. "Brigade, FIX BAYONETS!" The Colonels repeat the order to their men and they prepare to advance.

Turn 8.  Federal Initiative.. The rebel battery has exhausted its ammunition and has taken too many casualties.
They withdraw  in good order back down the reverse slope of the hill. The two remaining Federal regiments prepare for the coming storm. Brig General Elliott orders his men to fix bayonets as well.

"Steady boys, Steady..........."

Turn 9. Federal Initiative.General Elliott's brigade opens fire on the Confederates
at the top of the hill. They made a brave show and the musketry was hot. General Caleb had his
men on the crest of the hill now. His men commanded the field from this vantage point. 
He took full advantage of this situation and his men returned fire at the last two
 federal regiments. Both regiments had taken all they could.. They left the field, and their
poor general, to the victorious rebels.

With his brigade broken and the Confederates holding the high ground it was time to call the battle.
Confederates got 4pts and the Union got 1pt.
The armies will meet again..............

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