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Battle of Port Republic June 9, 1862: Part 1.

Port Republic on the Shenandoah River

~Orders of Battle~
Union Forces

MG Irvin McDowell (not present) Department of the Rappahannock
approx 4,600 men

BG James Shields Division (not present)
BG Erastus Tyler's Brigade

7th IN Inf                        5 stands
7th OH Inf                        7 stands
29th OH Inf                        7 stands
110th PA Inf                       3 stands
1st WV Inf                          5 stands

Col. Samuel Carroll's Brigade

5th OH Inf                          8 stands
66th OH Inf                         7 stands
84th OH Inf                          4 stands

Btty L 1st OH Arty                   3 stands        x4  6 pdr,    x2 12 pd How
Btty H  1st OH Arty                 3 stands        x3 James Rifles
Btty E   4th US Arty                3 stands         x3 10 pdr Parrot


Confederate Forces

MG Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson   Department of the Valley
approx 7,000 men

MG Richard S. Ewell''s Division
Col. W.C. Scott.  (Steuart's) Brigade

 1st MY Inf                   3 stands
44 VA Inf                   2 stands
52nd VA Inf                   3 stands
58th VA Inf                   3 stands

Col. James A. Walker  (Elzey's) Brigade

12th GA Inf                   3 stands
13th VA Inf                  3 stands
25thVA Inf                   3 stands
31st VA Inf                 3 stands

BG Richard Taylor's Brigade

6th LA Inf                      5 stands
7th LA Inf                      4 stands
8th LA Inf                       5 stands
9th LA Inf                     4 stands
Wheat's Bn (Louisiana Tigers) 2 stands

BG Charles Winder's "Stonewall" Brigade (Jackson's Division)

2nd VA Inf                     3 stands
4th VA Inf                      4 stands
5th VA Inf                      4 stands
27th VA Inf                    2 stands
33rd VA Inf                    3 stands

Poague's  Btty             3 stands       x1   12 pd How,  x1 10 pd Parrot, x1 6pdr
Carpenter's Btty          2 stands       x2  3" ord
Rain's Btty                 2 stands      x2 3" ord,
Chew's Btty               2 stands      x2 12 pd Nap

After the victory at Cross Keys, Jackson orders his force across the Shenandoah River  to meet Brigadier General James Shields division. BG Charles Winder and the "Stonewall Brigade" are positioned on the Luray Rd.
RULES: Confederate players gets initiative  on first turn. Stonewall Brigade is deployed into line. Confederate BG Richard Taylor's Brigade arrives during Turn one movement phase.
Starting on Turn 2. One Confederate Artillery Battery arrives on the table and deploys. One battery per turn
Starting on Turn 3. Confederate brigades arrive on table one brigade per turn.

Turn 1. Confederate Initiative. Jackson orders Winders brigade forward. The Federal Brigades of Carroll and Tyler are deployed running along Lewiston Lane and the road to Mt Vernon Furnace (top to bottom) The Luray road run across the map from left to right.  The Coaling is represented by the large structure on the hill on the bottom right side of the map.  The small village of Lewiston is represented by the lone cabin at the crossroads. Lewis Mill is located at top right corner on the Shenandoah River which runs across top half of may from left to right.

Federal guns placed on the Hill near The Coaling.

BG Tyler's Brigade along with Battery E 4th US Artillery.

Carroll's Brigade with Battery L and Battery H 1st Ohio Artillery.

BG Charles Winder and the Stonewall Brigade advancing forward from the location of the Baugher Farm.

"Stonewall" Jackson.

The Confederate Brigade Moves North with the woods on their right flank and the Shenandoah River on their left flank.

The Federal View of the battlefield. Two Brigades deployed on high ground controlling the road and intersection. three batteries of artillery. protection from being flanked on the right by the Shenandoah River. 

Turn 2. Federal Initiative. Taylor continues to hold his fire. The Confederates are not in range of his muskets, but could be hit with artillery. Tyler orders the 1st WV Infantry regiment to extend the left flank and protect against any advance through the treeline.  Jackson and Winder move forward BG Richard Taylor arrives with his brigade of Louisiana soldiers and immediately advances in column formation into the woods. Poague's Battery arrives on the field and is ordered to move forward.

the 1st WV Infantry moving to the Federal Left flank.

BG Erastus Tylor's view of the field from on the hill.

Carroll's Brigade.

Both Confederate Brigades move forward. Winder's Brigade in brigade battle line on the left and Taylor's Brigade in column on the right.

Turn 3.  Confederate Initiative. Winder and Taylor continue to press forward. Poagues battery rushes forward and deploys.  on the Federal side, Tyler's 1st WV Infantry continue to move toward the left flank. Col. W.C. Scott commanding Steuart's brigade arrives on the field.

The West Virginia Infantry are almost in position to defend the federal left Flank.

Col. W.C. Scott commanding the Brigade of  BG. George H. Steuart who was wounded the day before at Cross Keys.

Turn 4. Confederate Initiative. Winder's brigade continues to move forward through the fields. Taylor continues to advance through the woods using them as cover. Jackson orders Scott to move his brigade up in support of Winder.  Poagues Battery deploys and readies to fire.  Carpenter's Batter arrives on the field and Col James Walker arrives commanding BG. Arnold Elzey's Brigade.  Elzey was another Brigade commander wounded  the day before at Cross Keys. Tyler's 1st West Virginia Infantry move into position on the federal Left.

Still holding his fire. waiting for the right time his guns can do the most damage.

Gun crews ready.

The Confederates can be seen in the distance advancing forward.

Col James Walker in command of BG. Arnold Elzey's Brigade. 

Scott's brigade advancing

BG. Richard Taylor's brigade moving as fast as they can through the thick woods.

Poague's battery making their guns ready as Winder's brigade advances.

Rushing headlong into the jaws of death. Soon the field will be thick with smoke and the rattle of muskets. Will Stonewall Jackson pull off another victory like he did the day before or is he pressing his luck? Will Federal Brigadier Generals Tyler and Carroll be able to hold against the Confederate attack that is coming?
To be concluded.....

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