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Battle of Cross Keys June 8, 1862: Part 1.

Cross Keys located north of Port Republic on the Shenandoah River

~Orders of Battle~
Union Forces

MG John C Fremont  Mountain Department
approx 10,100 men

BG Louis Blenker Division
BG John Koltes' Brigade

29th NY Inf                        3 stands
68th NY Inf                        4 stands
73rd PA Inf                        4 stands

BG Henry Bolhen's Brigade

54th NY Inf                          3 stands
58th NY Inf                         3 stands
74th PA Inf                          4 stands
75th PA Inf                          3 stands

Col Gustave Cluseret's Brigade

8th WV Inf                          4 stands
60th OH Inf                         4 stands

BG Robert Milroy's Brigade

2nd WV Inf                          5 stands
3rd WV Inf                         5 stands
5th WV Inf                          5 stands
25th OH Inf                          5 stands

BG Robert Schenck's Brigade

32nd OH Inf                          4 stands
55th OH Inf                           5 stands
73rd OH  Inf                            4 stands
75th OH Inf                            4 stands
82nd OH Inf                           4 stands

BG Julius Stahel's Brigade

8th NY Inf                          6 stands
39th NY Inf                           4 stands
41st NY  Inf                         5 stands
45thNY Inf                           6 stands
27th PA Inf                          5 stands

Btty G WV Lt Arty  Arty        2 stands        x1 12 pd How,    x1 12 pd Nap
Btty I  1st OH Lt  Arty             3 stands        x2 12 pd How,   x1 6 pdr
12th Btty OH Lt Arty              3 stands         x3 Wiard guns


Confederate Forces

MG Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson   Department of the Valley
approx 14,200 men

MG Richard S. Ewell''s Division
BG. George H Steuart's Brigade

 1st MY Inf                   3 stands
44 VA Inf                   2 stands
52nd VA Inf                   3 stands
58th VA Inf                   3 stands

BG Arnold Elzey's Brigade

12th GA Inf                   3 stands
13th VA Inf                  3 stands
25thVA Inf                   3 stands
31st VA Inf                 3 stands

BG Isaac Trimble's Brigade

15th AL Inf                      5 stands
21st GA Inf                     4 stands
16th MS Inf                    6 stands
21st NC Inf                     3 stands

BG Richard Taylor's Brigade  (comes on field Turn 7)

6th LA Inf                      5 stands
7th LA Inf                      4 stands
8th LA Inf                       5 stands
9th LA Inf                     4 stands
Wheat's Bn (Louisiana Tigers) 2 stands

Col. John Patton's Brigade (Jackson's Division)

48th VA Inf                     4 stands
42nd VA Inf                    4 stands
1st VA Bn Inf (Irish)        2 stands

Lusk's Btty         2 stands       x2   12 pd Nap
Rice's Btty          2 stands       x2   12 pd Nap
Rain's Btty          2 stands      x1 3" ord,     x1 12 pd Nap
Courtney's Btty   2 stands     x1 3" ord,      x1 12 pd Nap

Jackson left Harrisonburg and made his way to Port Republic on the Shenandoah River. At this time Two Federal Armies were converging on his position. Fremont's Division entered Harrisonburg and Shields' Division moving south on the east bank of the Shenandoah. If these two forces combined, Jackson would be outnumbered. The time to attack had come. Federal Cavalry from Shield's force raided into Port Republic. General Jackson barely escaped capture. after Confederate Batteries drove off the Cavalry Jackson went to work. He ordered MG Richard S. Ewell to deploy and engage Fremont east of Cross Keys. Jackson's Division will cross he Shenandoah River and make plans to engage Shields force when it arrives in strength.

Turn 1. Federal Initiative. The battlefield is running roughly north and south from top of picture to bottom of picture. Mill creek runs from the left side of the map to the east side. The Port Republic Road runs roughly parallel. It intersects with the town of Cross Keys  located in the top left side of the map. The Keezeltown Road runs along the top left corner. The federal deployment is Cluseret's Brigade in the top left of the map. going to the right are Scheneck's brigade with Bohlen in support. Milroy's Brigade in the middle  and Stahel's Brigade on the right with Koltes Brigade in support. The Confederate Deployment is from left to right. Patton's Brigade, Steuart's Brigade, Elzay's Brigade and Trimble's brigade on the Confederate right flank. Taylor's Brigade is in reserve and will arrive at turn 7. During this turn the federals move Schenck, Milroy, and Stahel's Brigades. The Confederates move Trimble's Brigade forward across the creek. Elzey moves across the creek as well in support.

General Richard S. Ewell orders his right flank forward. They must capture the hill to the front of them. 

Elzey's Brigade before he crosses the creek.

Confederate artillery batteries deployed and set.

Battery I 1st Ohio Light Arty. Milroy's brigade  deployed behind them.

Milroy's brigade moving forward.

Brigadier General Louis Blenker. division commander and field commander for the Federal side.

The scene from Cross Keys looking out to the Federal lines.

Col. Cluseret's small brigade and artillery. The represent the extreme Federal Right flank of this attack.

Col. John Patton's Brigade in line. on loan from Jackson's Division.

Turn 2. Federal Initiative. It becomes clear that each side is making for the hill on the right side of the map. Schenck, Milroy and Stahel, all move forward. On the Confederate side Elzey and Trimble  are able to start fording Mill Creek.

Elzey's Brigade crossing the creek.

Stahel and Milroy moving forward as quickly as possible.

Turn 3. Federal Initiative. The Federal line continues to advance. Stahel's Brigade reaches the base of the hill and begins to ascend it. Koltes moves his brigade forward in support. Bohlen fails to get his brigade moving. On the Confederate side. Trimble also reaches the hill and begins to move up. Elzey's brigade moves up to the road.

Confederate artillery has no line of sight on the advancing Federals due to the terrain in their front.

Schenck's Brigade makes it to the trees and has to slow their advance in order to keep cohesion.

12th Ga Infantry Regiment. Elzey's Brigade

Slow and steady boys.

General Blenker watches as the situation unfolds.

Turn 4. Confederate Initiative. Elzey Brigade holds at the road. Trimble's Brigade holds just below the crest of the hill and makes ready for battle. Schenck, Milroy, and Stahel continue to advance.

"Right here boys. This is where we will make our stand. Get ready!"

Elzey's Brigade at the road.

Milroy in the advance. "Forward onward men."

Stahel's Brigade makes it to the crest of the hill. both opposing brigades are less then 100yrds from each other. who will blink?

Schenck's Brigade is almost out of the woods.

Turn 5. Confederate Initiative. Trimble's Brigade opens fire on Stahel's Brigade. the 15th Alabama and the 21st Ga Infantry let loose with a devastating volley. The 8th NY and 41st NY both suffer heavy casualties.  Each Regiment looses one stand of infantry apiece. They also loose 5 cohesion points as well. Elzey's brigade opens fire on Milroy's advance regiments. The 12th Ga an the 25th VA Infantry open fire on the 25th Ohio Infantry.

Stahel's Brigade reels back from the Confederate Volley. They hold and recover themselves and return fire with a devastating barrage. both the 15th Alabama and the 21st GA  both loose a stand of Infantry and 4 cohesion points. Milroy's brigade continues to move. the 25th Ohio Returns fire from a moderate distance. The 25th Ga Infantry suffers a half stand loss and 5 cohesion points lost. The fighting on the hill is intense as the casualties mount. 

Stahel's Brigade is busy on the right as Schenck's Brigade emerges from the woods. The rest of the brigade is still in the woods and the line must slow in order for the Brigade commander to keep the interval for the advance. Soon the action will pick up on the Confederate left flank.  Trimble holds the hill. Taylor's Brigade is being sent up from the direction of Port Republic. The next few turns will be decisive.
To be concluded.

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