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Battle of Hanover Courthouse May 27, 1862 Part 1

~Orders of Battle~
Union Forces
approximate 2,800 men

BG. John Martindale's Brigade

2nd ME Inf                        4 stands
25th NY Inf                        4stands

BG Daniel Butterfield's Brigade

44th NY Inf                      5 stands


Col. James McQuade

9th MAS Inf                     9 stands
62nd PEN Inf                   6 stands


Confederate Forces

Col. Lawrence O'Bryan Branch's Brigade
approximate 1,900 men

37th NC Inf                   5 stands
18th NC Inf                   4 stands
7th NC Inf                    6 stands
33rd NC Inf                  4 stands

Latham's Battery          2 stands   12 lb Napoleons

On May 27, elements of BG Fitz John Porter's V Corps extended north to protect the right flank of MG George B. McClellan's Union Army of the Potomac. Porter's objective was to deal with the Confederate forces near Hanover Courthouse, which threatened the avenue of approach for Union reinforcements that were marching south from Fredericksburg. Col. Branch's Brigade departed Gordonsville where it was guarding the Virginia Central Railroad. In the afternoon of the 27th, Branch's Brigade took up a position in the wood line just west of the Hill Road. and approximately 4 miles south of the Courthouse. It is here that Branch's Brigade engages the rear guard of BG General John H. Martindale.

Turn 1. Confederate Initiative. We see the Brigade of Col. Lawrence O'Bryan Branch in the edge of the woods. Hill Road runs the length of the map until it turns north east into the road leading to Hanover Courthouse.Latham's Battery opens up on the 25th NY Infantry on the road. The shots have no effect. Branch's Infantry move out of the treeline onto the field. The 7th NC Infantry in column moves to the right flank. BG John Martindale's Brigade upon being fired on, reacts and goes into line on the road.

The 2nd ME Infantry on the road.

BG John Martindale with his brigade.

Col. Branch's Brigade with Latham's Battery deployed.

The view from the Confederate side.

Turn 2. Federal Initiative. Martindale's Brigade holds their fire and waits. Latham's Battery continues to fire  on the 25th NY Infantry and still cause no damage. The 2nd ME Infantry which was in the lead, counter column marches and then double time march onto the side road along the Confederate Left Flank.

7th NC Infantry in column formation attempting to gain position on the Federals on the road.

Branch's Brigade moves forward into the field.

44th NY Infantry on the Federal Left Flank hold there position waiting for the 7th NC Infantry.

A View from the Federal Lines looking toward Latham's Battery.

BG Martindale steadies his men in the ranks.

The 2nd ME Infantry deploy on the access road on the Confederate Left flank.

Turn 3. Confederate Initiative.Latham's Battery Adjusts their line of fire to the regiment closer to them as the 25th NY are no longer in line of sight. They open fire on the 44th NY Infantry and cause a few casualties. The 33rd NC infantry opens fire on the 2nd ME Infantry with a rattle of musketry. the 2nd ME is shaken as they take heavy losses. Then the 37th NC Also fires on them. They manage to hold despite sever losses. In return, the 44th NY fires on the 37th NC and cause severe losses. All along the Federal Line they open fire. The 37th NC being the closest Regiment gains the attention of the musketry. After taking three volleys the 37th NC routs and leaves the field. the 18th NC Infantry continues moving forward as Col. Branch leads them on. The 7th NC in column continues on its route through the farm.

The 7th NC continues forward.

The Captain of the Battery keeps yelling orders to the crews. "Keep firing! Keep firing!!"

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