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Battle of First Winchester May 25, 1862: Jackson's Attack Part 1.

The First Battle of Winchester, Va. May 25, 1862.

~Orders of Battle~
Union Forces

MG Nathaniel Banks
approx 2,300 men

Col. George H. Gordon's Brigade

2nd MA Inf                        6 stands
29th PA Inf                        6 stands
27th IN Inf                        5 stands
3rd WI Inf                         6 stands
M btty 1st NY Lt Arty        3 stands        x3 10 lb parrott


Confederate Forces

MG Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson
approx 4,100 men

BG Charles Winder's  "Stonewall" Brigade

2nd VA Inf                   3 stands
4th VA Inf                   4 stands
5th VA Inf                   4 stands
27th VA Inf                 2 stands
33rd VA Inf                 3 stands

Col. J.A. Campbell's Brigade

21st VA Inf                   3 stands
42nd VA Inf                  4 stands
48th VA Inf                   4 stands
1st VA Bn Irish             2 stands

BG William Taliaferro's Brigade

10th VA Inf                  4 stands
23rd VA Inf                  3 stands
37th VA Inf                  4 stands

Poague's Battery          3 stands   x1 6 lb gun, x1 12 lb Howitzer, x1 10 lb parrot
Carpenter's Battery      2 stands   x2 3" ordnance
Cutshaw's Battery        2 stands   x1 10 lb parrot, x1 1 12lb Napoleon

After the defeat of Federal troops at Front Royal, MG. Nathaniel Banks ordered a withdrawal of his force at Staunton, Virginia. Stonewall Jackson's Cavalry harassed Bank's movement as he made his way to Winchester, Virgina. Major General Richard Ewell deployed the leading elements of his division on the Confederate right flank. and engaged Colonel Dudley Donnelly's small brigade. On the Confederate left, Major Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson deploys his division in the field south of Winchester just above the Abrams Creek.

Turn 1. Confederate Initiative. With Abrams Creek stretching from left to right just above the tree line. The Confederate force is deployed from left to right as follows. Taliaferro's Brigade, Campbell's Brigade, and Winder's Brigade. in advance of the Brigade battle line are the artillery. Carpenter's Battery, Poague's Battery, and Cutshaw's Battery. To the right of the Confederate deployment is the Valley Turnpike running into the town of Winchester which is seen at the top of the map. There is a stone fence that runs from the road on the left of the field to the Valley Turnpike on the right. The Union Deployment is from left to right, 2nd MA Inf, 3rd WI Inf, M Btty 1st Ny Artillery, 29th PA and 27th IN.
General Jackson doesn't waste time, During his phase of the turn he opens fire with his batteries along the Federal Line. The Confederate Batteries cause casualties in the Federal ranks. The Federal Battery returns fire but has no effect. Taliaferro advances his brigade on the Confederate left flank. Campbell and Winder also advance.

Winder's Brigade on the Confederate Right Flank behind Cutshaw's Battery.

MG Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson with his men.

The Federal Line deployed behind the stone fence.

MG Nathaniel P. Banks and his command
M Btty 1st NY Light Artillery

Confederate Battle line from the left flank. Taliaferro's Brigade.

Col George H. Gordon moves up and down the line encouraging his men.

MG Nathaniel Banks watches the oncoming storm.

Turn 2. Confederate Initiative.  Carpenter's Battery attempts to shell the 3rd WI. Their guns have a misfire and need to be cleared. Pogue's Battery fires on the Federal 1st NY Artillery, the shells fall short. Cutshaw's Battery fires on the 29th PA Infantry. An exploding shell sends a fragment into General Banks. He is knocked from his horse. His aide and several junior officers rush to his side. finding him unhurt, he slowly and sorely stands up reassuring everyone he is OK. he looks down and finds his sword belt buckle is dented. He climbs back on his horse slowly and resumes command. The "Near Miss" has no effect. During the Federal Phase The Federal Battery counter battery fires on Pogues Battery causing light casualties.  Taliaferro's Brigade stalls in it's advance. Campbell and Winder's Brigade moves forward.

M Btty 1st NY Light Artillery counter battery fire.

The advancing Confederate Line as seen from the Federal Line.
The Advancing Confederates have the numerical superiority. However the defending Union brigade has a solid deployment behind a stone fence. In the coming turns, there will be blood. At this point, it is still any ones game.

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