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Battle of First Winchester May 25, 1862: Ewell's Attack Part 1.

The First Battle of Winchester, Va. May 25, 1862.

~Orders of Battle~
Union Forces

Col. Dudley Donnelly's Brigade
approx 1,000 men

46th PA Inf                        4 stands
5th CON Inf                       3 stands
28th NY Inf                      3 stands
F btty PENN Lt Arty        3 stands


Confederate Forces

MG Richard Ewell
approx 2,500 men

BG Isaac Trimble's Brigade

21st GA Inf                   4 stands
21st NC Inf                   3 stands
15th AL Inf                   5 stands
16th MS Inf                   6 stands

1st MD Inf (CSA)        3 stands
2nd VA Cav                 4 stands
6th VA Cav                  4 stands

After the defeat of Federal troops at Front Royal, MG. Nathaniel Banks ordered a withdrawel of his force at Staunton, Virginia. Stonewall Jackson's Cavalry harrassed Bank's movement as he made his way to Winchester, Virgina. Banks moved his force quickly up the valley in an attempt to keep Jackson's force from getting behind him and cutting him off. During the retreat Bank's supply trains where captured by Confederate forces. Food,  rifled muskets, ammunition and clothing helped resupply Jackson's force. "Commisary Banks" was not happy about it as his force begain to take positions in Winchester.

Turn 1. Federal Initiaitive. We can see the Federal Brigade of Col Donnelly deployed on either side of the Millwood Turnpike. in the top right is the Hollingsworth Home. the Town Creek runs down the right side of the map and Abrams Creek flows into it from behind the Confederate lines. Donnelly's brigade is in a good position with his regiments deployed behind stone fences. MG Ewell is on the Confederate Left with the 21st GA and 21st NC Infantry. The 1st MD (CSA) Inf is also on the left. BG Trimble is on the Confederate Right Flank with the 15th AL and the 16th MS infantry. the two Confederaet Cavalry Regiments are in the rear. General Ewell orders his forces forward.

The bridge over Abrams Creek on the Millwood Turnpike.

Confederate Cavalry on the move.

BG Isaac Trimble and his brigade move forward from the treeline.

16th Mississippi Infantry on the Confederate right flank

The 5th Connecticutt Infantry behind a stone fence. The 28th New York in support.

F Battery of the Pennsylvania Light Artillery loads their guns and waits for the order to fire on the advancing Confederates.

the 46th Pennsylvania Infantry.

Turn 2. Confederate Initiaitive.  Ewell and Trimble continue to move their troops forward to close the distance with the enemy. The 2nd Va Cav crosses the creek. On the other end, the 6th VA Cav stalls out in their movement. The Colonel's horse seems to have thrown a shoe. Col. Donnelly waits for the advancing Rebs. 

"Forward men! Forward for Virginia!"

"Load and Hold."

21st GA infantry.

Turn 3. Federal Initiaitive. Col. Donnelly uses his field glasses to gauge the distance between the opposing lines. Soon his artillery will open up on the advancing Infantry.  "Just a little further." The Confederate forces continue to surge forward.

The Confederate Force on the Left Flank under MG Ewell continues to advance.

Col. Donnelly, looking through his field glasses slowly raises his hand. Preparing to give the signal for the Artillery to open fire. Just a little closer, he thinks to himself

With a sharpe dramatic snap of his arm he yells. "FIRE!" The Gunners in the battery pull their lanyards and touch off their guns.
To be continued......

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