Sunday, September 20, 2015

Battle of Cow Run part 2

Conclusion of this horrific battle.

Turn 4. Federal Initiative. General Carl Gives the order to cease fire and advance, However the order is not heard and the regiments in the front are hotly engaged with the Confederates behind the rail road embankment.

Turn 5. Confederate Initiative. General Jenkins reserves come into line on the left of the original formation.  General Leroy's Regiment side shifts its position to fill the gap made earlier by the broken regiment. This gives the defenders a three regiment front behind a defensive position. 

General Leroy sits in the saddle. content with the deployment of his men. he orders his Regimental Commanders to replenish their ammunition and water. General Jenkins quickly writes his dispatches to his superiors as he looks across the field. He nods at Leroy. Leroy nods a silent acknowledge at Jenkins.

General Carl is concerned. The time has passed. His moment to "bag the whole lot" has left his grasp. He watches in disgust and contempt as the holes in the enemies line are filled. What should he do? One regiment has already broken and left the field. He is so close. Carl decides to continue to press the attack. Asking himself. "What would Grant do?

Turn 7. Federal Initiative. This turn finds another Indiana regiment retiring from the field. At this point the Federal advance has ground to a halt. The entire left flank of their advance has broken.

The Confederates continue to hold the line. Buying precious time with the blood of their enemy.

The lead Regiment in the Federal right flank has taken many casualties. Soon they will retire from the field as well.

Turn 8. Federal Initiative. Despite having the initiative for the past few turns the Confederate force seems content with their position and holding their ground. General Carl begins to realize the futility of this assault only too late. The Lead Indiana Regiment on the Brigades right fails its moral test due to casualties. They break and retire from the filed.

"There were bodies piled like cord wood in front of our positions. The groans of the dying and wounded filled the afternoon air. The silence of the dead was the loudest." ~ Pvt Marly, Leroys Brigade.

"Some of us would shoot while others would load for us. We would aim and fire, then pass the empty musket back to be loaded while a loaded one was passed to us. It was simple murder."  ~ Pvt Bordeaux  Leroy's Brigade

"We advanced as far as we could. When we stopped we followed our orders and engaged the rebels. Many proud Prussians died doing their duty." ~ Cpl Schell  General Carl's Brigade.  

Despite the loss of three regiments, General Carl managed to keep his men in the field. He attempted to make an orderly withdrawal however, The combined musketry of two Rebel regiments forced another die hard unit from the field. With this last measure, General Carl's Brigade shatters and is forced to retire.   

The view from the Confederate lines. The Federal troops begin to withdraw Sporadic shots are heard as the contest comes to a close. General Leroy notices the figure of General Carl on his horse in the distance. The two men see each other and General Carl nods to his prewar friend before turning his horse and following his men.

General Jenkins breaths a sigh of relief as he watches the mob in blue concede the field.

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