Sunday, September 13, 2015

Battle of Cow Run part 1

This time we find the Confederates defending a clearing along a railroad track. One brigade under Brigadier General Leroy takes the position along the track Two regiments under Major General Jenkins are in reserve. Facing the Confederate force is a Brigade commanded by Brigadier General Carl. The objective is for the Federal troops to drive off the Confederates and destroy the railroad line..

Turn 1. Federal Initiative. General Carl moves his brigade forward. General Leroy waits for his aggressor to come into range and then he lets him have it.

Louisiana Troops on the line.

Federal Troops advancing. 

Major General Jenkins with the reserve.

Brigadier General Leroy surveys the situation as the Indiana troops advance.

Brigadier General Carl with his men advancing forward.

Turn 2. Confederate Initiative. The Confederate regiments along the rail road cut let loose with a withering fire.
Still the Indiana Regiments hold their own and advance on into the storm of lead.

The Indiana regiments stop in their tracks to exchange volleys with the Louisiana men behind the railroad cut. The price is high for this small patch of ground as each side pays with their blood.

The exchange of volleys all along the line produces dire results.  The Indiana regiment on the Federal Left flank breaks and retires from the field.

General Jenkins yells over the rattle of the muskets. "General Leroy? Leroy! do you need the reserves?"

Turn 3. Confederate Initiative. The beginning of this turn finds one regiment from both brigades in retreat. A hole has opened in the Louisiana line. General Leroy moves the flanking regiment forward. General Carl and his Indiana Brigade continue to push forward.

Now is the time for General Jenkins to move the reserves forward.

General Carl waves his sword in the air and yells at the top of his lungs. "Forward men! Drive them from their defences!" General Carl knows  that if they can make the embankment before the enemies reserves can come into line, He has a chance to break  through. The next few turns will be critical.

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