Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Battle of Five Pines Part Two

The Confederate left flank is composed of two brigades. The lead brigade waits til his supporting brigade is clear of the treeline and together they move forward at the double quick. They slam into the Union Right flank. The musketry whittles away at the men and casualties begin to mount.

The Union Front line of defense .

One of the lead regiments in the attack makes its way through the woods.The undergrowth and the tangled brush makes forward movement slow. The Federal regiment on the extreme right sees that it is about to be flanked. The roar of musket fire and the sounds of combat keep the focus of the Blue line. Being unable to disengage they take heavy losses and finally break.

The opposing lines are so close they yell taunts and insults at each other.

The Union Second line makes ready. Seeing that the front line is engaged they wait for orders. The battery in the center holds fire. They are unable to clearly see a target because of the smoke hanging in the field.

General Underhill makes his way through the chaos. he waves his hat at the soldiers he passes. His men let out a cheer and rally. Victory is close. All the need is a breakthrough to shatter the enemies will.

Another of the Federal regiments breaks and leaves the field. The blue line of defense has developed holes on both flanks.

 The Union general knows that he must hold on. He waits for further orders. The Confederate General knows that time is running out for his advance. As much as he presses along the line. The Federals continue to hold.

The sun sets on the battlefield and with the sunset comes the last parting shots of muskets. Soon the night will be filled with the sounds of the dying and the ghostly lights of lanterns as the field is searched for the wounded and dead. Both commanders know that the battle resolved nothing. Soon both armies will meet again with the hope of a victory.


  1. The two armies will meet again on the battlefield. I have played several of these fictional scenarios and will write the battle reports for them soon. When I complete the fictional battles, I will start on historical battles. Currently I divide my time between playing these small scale scenarios and painting the miniatures needed to play the larger historical battles.

  2. Nice report, great 'lines of battle'...and nice write-up!


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