Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Battle of Five Pines Part One

This was a battle fought in 11 turns.

The objective was for was for the attacking army to achieve a breach in the defending army's front line. This scenario is based loosely on the action south of the rail road tracks at the Battle Of Fair Oaks Virginia. The defending army has two lines of defenses The attacking army Starts the scenario relatively close to the enemies first line of defenses. The attacker will have the initiative on the first turn.

this is a basic division vs division encounter.

Initial set up; each side set up a brigade on the road and one brigade in the field.

Union Division.
General C. Jones (commanding.)
General Bill and New York Brigade
General Sam and New York Brigade
General James and Pennsylvania Brigade
General Ambrose and Pennsylvania Brigade

Confederate Division
General R. H. Underhill (commanding)
General Brian and Georgia Brigade
General Keith and Mixed Brigade
General Lewis and North/ South Carolina Brigade
General David and  Alabama/ Virginia Brigade

The orders were very clear. "Engage the enemy force encamped south of the rail road line. Force a breakthrough and turn the enemies flank."  General Underhill marched his division of four brigades out of the capitol shortly after sundown. they had marched all night and formed up in position just inside the treeline opposite the clearing where the Federal troops where positioned. The sun had just started to break the horizon when he gave the order to move forward.
Each of the brigade commanders had formed their commands in line of battle. They ordered their men to load their weapons and fix bayonets. It seemed as if the order would never come. Very quietly, Each brigade commander stepped off at the appointed time. They signaled the advance by waving their swords and the regiments surged forward.

Turn 1.  beginning positions before the Confederate advance.

The sun was just beginning to chase the darkness of the prior night away when a small herd of deer scampered and bounded out of the treeline and danced forward in a panic. They turned north and bolted into the opposite treeline. A Pennsylvania Sergeant smoking his pipe saw the deer. Something did not feel right. There were no birds singing. The sergeant reached over and shook a young boy awake. "Get your musket, Thomas. I fear there is mischief upon us." Said the Sergeant.

Here they come. closer to the edge of the forest.

Breaking the wood line and coming into the clearing. The Federals sounded the alarm up and down the

Turn 2. A few random shots were fired by the defenders. For the most part the Colonels kept their
men under control and held their fire.

The Confederates broke through the treeline and moved at the quick step.
Then at the double. The Southern Regiments waving their battle flags moved with the determination
of an unstoppable force. 

Slowly, all along the line of advance, a low continuous roar was heard. Rising
as the line moved forward.  The roar become louder until it was the only sound heard.

Turn 3. The rest of the division emerges from the woods and surges forward.
The roar of the Rebel Yell is deafening. The Federal defenders stand their ground
as the hair on their necks stand up. A cold shiver runs up their backs.

The wall of gray is suddenly halted by the commanders. They make ready,
they aim, and fire. Musket fire erupts all along the line. The Union line wavers in
some places, but holds. They return fire.

The exchange of barrages lasts for what seems like an eternity. The Union General focuses his attention
on the center of his defensive line.  The Confederate left flank consolidates and surges forward in an attempt to
flank the defenders.
To be continued.......


  1. Thank you for your comments. This was the first Big Scale battle I fought. I took a tone of pics. I will be posting the last half of the battle soon.


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