Sunday, January 11, 2015

Battle of Sebastian Creek

This was a battle fought in 15 turns.

The objective was for the Federal Division to force a river crossing into the enemies side of the river. The secondary objective was to force the enemy from the field in 15 turns or less.
The Confederate objective was to defend the hill and deny the enemy from fording Sebastian Creek.
this is a basic division vs division encounter.

Initial set up; each side set up a brigade on the road and one brigade in the field.

Union Division.
General Michael commanding.
General Aaron and New York Brigade
General Bill and New York Brigade
Aco 3rd Artillery
Bco 3rd Artillery

Confederate Division.
General Steven commanding
General  Mark and Virginia Brigade
General Keith and Mixed Brigade
Stacey's Battery
Duncan's Battery

Turn 1. The Federal Brigades took there time getting ready. They made a lot of noise in the trees.
The Confederates knew that the battle was upon them when two brigades emerged from the tree line to their front.

General Mark and his Virginia Brigade set up on the hill with Duncan's Battery.

General Michael places his field glasses back in their case. Satisfied with the set up, he produces his pipe from his coat. He lights it and slowly puffs. The adjutant asks if he should give the order. The General only nods in approval. 
The long roll is beat on the drum as the men in blue move forward.

The Rebs make ready and hold their fire.

"Johnny, look at all them purty blue uni-forms." said Elias.
"Don't worry Elias, in about 15 minutes they will close enough for you to get a real good look at them." said Johnny.

The Federal Left Flank advancing. General Bill with his brigade

By the third turn it was obvious once the Federals cleared the woods that they were pushing on the Confederate Right Flank.

Turn 4. the advance was going well for the Federals until The Rebs opened up. General Steven, being satisfied with
the range, Gave the order. The batteries and regiments opened up at once and Hell itself reigned supreme on the field. The
results were horrendous, One regiment was shaken and another routed.

Turn 5. The Union Advance was stopped cold. As they recovered from the barrage they returned the musketry in kind.
high casualties were taken on the Confederate side. With two regiments routed the center collapses. The U.S.
artillery had been doing counter battery fire.

two regiments broken and retreating. One already crossed to the opposite bank of the river. General Steven decides to hold
his remaining men on the reverse side of the hill. Taking a page out of Ol' Stonewall's playbook.

General Steve holds the fresh brigades in place. None have fired their first volley yet. The deadliest contest is about to begin.

"Press on men!!!  The rebel scum is skedaddling!!" 

"Is it over yet?"

By chance and not design, General Steven was observing the battle behind Stacey's Battery.  The Kentuckians covered the retreat of the remaining Infantry.  With the strongest discipline imaginable, they limbered their guns and rolled back down the hill and redeployed. with the rest of the  force...waiting...



In the proceeding turns the Federal brigades rallied and moved forward up the hill. As they crested
the hill they were met with a ferocious volley of muskets and canister.
General Michael coughed and choked on his pipe as he realized that he should have ordered his artillery to advance. Confederate General Steven and his "bloodied" brigades sat at the bottom of the hill, shielded from the enemy's. They managed to break two Union regiments and force the attack to halt. By this time the sun began to set on the field with the ford still in Confederate hands.

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