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Army Of the Potomac Commanders

Here are some Corps and division level Generals for the Army of the Potomac.

 General George McClellan Commanding General of the Army of the Potomac with (from L to R)
BG Edwin V. Sumner II Corps, BG Samuel P. Heintzelman III Corps, BG Erasmus Keys IV Corps, and BG Fitz John Porter V Corps.

II Corps Commander. BG Edwin V. Sumner and his division commanders.
 1st Division Commander MG Israel Richardson affectionately known as "Fighting Dick"
2nd Division Commander John Sedgwick

Sadly all three men would not live to see the end of the war. General Richardson was mortally wounded at Antietam on 17th September 1862. The wound was not considered life threatening. When Lincoln visited McClellan in Antietam he paid his respects to the popular general. Soon afterwards infection set in and pneumonia. Richardson died November 3, 1862.

General Sumner gained the nickname of "Bull Head" while at the Battle of Cerro Gordo during the Mexican American War. Legend has it that a Mexican smoothbore musket ball bounced off his head after being shot at him from long range.Sumner, who was an acquaintance of Lincoln, asked to be relieved soon after Joseph Hooker was placed in command of the Army. Disillusioned and disgusted with the petty arguing in the Army of the Potomac. Before heading to his next assignment in Missouri he was visiting family in New York. While there, he suffered a Heart Attack and Died March 21. 1863.

MG John Sedgwick "Uncle John" Served in The Army of the Potomac until he was killed by a Confederate Sharpshooter at the Battle of Spotsylvania on May 9. 1864. While at the front, he was observing a federal artillery battery take cover from Confederate musket fire. he rode up to the artillerist and spoke his famous last words. "Why are you dodging like this? They couldn't hit an elephant at this distance." Shortly afterwards The General caught a rebel miniball in the face under his left eye. He fell from his horse dead. He was the highest ranking Union General killed in combat.

III Corp Commander MG Samuel P. Heintzelman
2nd Division Commander Joeseph Hooker "Fighting Joe"
3rd Division Commander Philip Kearny
It should be noted that 1st Division was commanded by MG Fitz John Porter. The 1st Division was reassigned to the newly activated V Corps with Porter in command of the corp.

IV Corps Commander Erasmus Keys
1st Division Commander Darius Couch
2nd Division Commander William F. Smith
3rd Division Commander Silas Casey

V Corps Commander Fitz John Porter
1st Division commanders George W. Morell
2nd Division Commander George Sykes

McClellan considered V Corps to be the model Corps of the army. There were no political appointees. All of the General Officers were West Point grads and contained several Regular Army Regiments. George Morrell graduated first in his class of 56 cadets. George Sykes Division was known as "Sykes Regulars." Being a professional unit did not make it immune to political turmoil. When McClellan was fired, Fitz-John Porter who was a close personal friend of Little Mac's, was court martialed for the failure at Second Manassas. Morrell testified on Porters behalf and in doing so killed his military career. He was appointed Major General on July  4, 1862 but, the appointment expired the following year without confirmation by the United States Senate. After Antietam he held no field commands. He ended the war commanding a Draft Depot in Indianapolis Indiana.
Sykes was promoted to V Corps commander before the Gettysburg Campaign. In 1864 he was transfered out to Kansas.


  1. Thank you. All the Generals are conversions from existing models in the GHQ model range.


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