Wednesday, November 5, 2014

More Zouave Madness

Here is my recently completed 5th New York Infantry "Duryee's Zouaves."

The 5th was formed in Manhattan in April of 1861. Colonel Abram Duryee was there first Regimental Commander. They saw action at Battle of Big Bethel, Ball's Bluff, Gaines Mill during the Peninsula Campaign, Second Bull Run, Antietam, Fredricksburg, and Chancellorsville. Duryee was of French Huguenot ancestry. His grandfather served in the American Revolution. In 1833 he joined the New York State Militia and rose through the ranks to Colonel of 27th Regiment. When the American Civil War started he raised the 5th New York Regiment.

Abram Duryee photographed as a Brigadier General sometime after December 1861.

B company 1st Louisiana Special Battalion. "Wheat's Tigers" The nickname was originally given to the company and then later the Battalion was referred to as "Louisiana Tigers." The unit was raised in New Orleans by Major Chatham Roberdeau Wheat. The battalion contained Irish, Germans, Americans, and French Creoles. The unit was as colorful as their commander. Wheat had spent time overseas as a mercenary fighting everywhere from Cuba and Mexico, and ending up in Italy fighting for Garibaldi when he heard Louisiana seceded.
Major Chatham Roberdeau Wheat
B Company 1st Louisiana Special Battalion

The Zouave company in line with the rest of the battalion.

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