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Battle of Seven Pines May 31, 1862: Hill's Attack Part 2

Turn 5. Federal Initiative. The Federal Line opens up on the advancing Confederates. The Confederates respond with a mix of responses. Some regiments continue to advance while others halt and return fire. The musketry is intense in some places. Brigadier General Palmer is shot from his horse while writing orders. His aide dismounts and kneels by him as he dies. Word spreads throughout the brigade that their beloved General was killed. Moral drops and the Brigade is "shaken."

Rodes' Brigade in action.

Palmer's Brigade.

All along the line the musketry is hot.

General Rodes continues to press his men forward.

General Silas Casey rushes forward to steady his line after BG. Palmer is killed.

Anderson's Brigade.

Turn 6. Confederate Initiative. By this time the forward regimens have taken severe casualties. The 12th MS and the 4th NC rout from the field. In return, the Confederates continue to press their attack with firing and movement.

12th MS leaves a hole in the line facing off against General Casey and the late General Palmer's Brigade.

the scene on the Confederate left flank. 

Turn 7. Confederate Initiative. the 5th AL Infantry fired so heavily they ran out of ammo. The back and forth firing has caused a lot of casualties.  H. btty  and the 11th ME Infantry are routed. General Silas Casey is slightly wounded while he was galloping along his line issuing orders. A minnie ball nicked his arm as he was directing fire. he placed a handkerchief on the wound and continued. The Confederate Brigades begin to bunch up near the front.

Turn 8. Federal Initiative. The 92nd NY Infantry routs from the field. This causes a hole in General Casey's line. The remnants of Palmer's brigade begin to collapse. The 5th Alabama Infantry get resupplied. General Raines Brigade begins to pass through the exhausted General Rodes's brigade. Bringing a fresh brigade to bear on the Federal Line.

General Garland's brigade attempts to do the same with General Anderson's Brigade. General Hill in fevered excitement urges his men onward. The sounds of musketry and the Rebel Yell fill the air.

General Casey cannot hold this position in the open. He must fall back.

The Confederate Brigades mixed together. 

Turn 9. Federal Initiative. The forward regiments continue to put up a fight. The 98th NY Infantry in Casey's command gives up the field and is forced to retreat after taking severe casualties. 

Turn 10. Confederate Initiative. Raines Brigade moves forward in anticipation of opening fire on the Federal Line behind the embankment. The Federal A btty artillery open fire on Raines brigade. The federal line isn't done yet.

Turn 10. Federal Initiative. The Federals continue to fire on the advancing rebels.

Turn 11. Confederate Initiative. Raines with his Leading Regiment surge forward into the guns. The result of this hasty action is the Rout of the 13th Alabama Infantry General Raines being shot dead from his horse.

Turn 12. Confederate Initiative.  As the remainder of Raines brigade extends the line and opens fire. to the north of the Williamsburg Stage Road, General Naglee is Mortally wounded by a minnie ball to the chest. He is carried off the field by his aide
At this time the battle begins to loose steam as the sun begins to set. The Federal line remains. 

Casualties are high on both sides.

The end result of this part of the battle. The Federal Force lost 5 regiments routed from the field. 2 brigade commanders ( Palmer and Naglee)  killed and one division commander (Casey)  wounded.

The Confederate Force has 4 regiments being routed from the field and 1 brigade commander (Raines) being killed. The loss of man power gives the victory to the Confederates. The Ground gained by the Confederates was gained up to the earthworks.
The next part of the battle will be to the North on the other side of the Richmond and York Railroad Line.

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