Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Army of Northern Virginia Command Stands and Flags

I remodeled my command stands for my Confederate Army. I followed suit with what I did with the Union Army. I placed Generals with an aide on one stand and the HQ Guidon and a escort on another stand. Army, Corps, and Division Generals are represented by two stands. Here are a few of the modified Generals.

General Robert E. Lee with his ANV HQ flag escort. General Longstreet with a Confederate Battle Flag  and General Stonewall Jackson with a National Flag. I wanted the Corps commanders to have some variety in their flagss.

Stonewall Jackson rides into town.

General A.P. Hill with his "Light Division" on the march.

The Cavalier, J.E.B. Stuart and a Confederate Battle flag HQ.

General Jubal Early and General John B. Gordon. I modeled some "Stainless Banner" flags for Corp and Division level HQ's. This way I would be able to do some '63-65 battles.

Another view of Early and Gordon.

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