Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Battle of Green Valley Part 1

The set up of this battle has two brigades on each side.
Union Force

MG Ebenezer commanding
BG Obadiah Ohio Brigade  24 stands
BG Bob Pennsylvania Brigade 23 stands

Confederate Force
MG Mordecai
BG Pierre  South Carolina Brigade 21 stands
BG Sheamus Virginia Brigade     18 stands

Turn 1. Federal Initiative. The Federal commander, Major General Ebenezer, elected to hold their positions and made ready to fire. The Ohio brigade on the left and the Pennsylvania Brigade on the left.

The Confederates decide to Hold the hill with there small Virginia Brigade lead by Brig General Sheamus. The advance is lead by Brig General Pierre and his stronger South Carolina regiment.

The South Carolinians advance.

Major General Mordecai gives the order

Union Major General Ebenezer surveys the situation before the battle.

Turn 2. Federal Initiative. General Ebenezer decides to pass on the initiative. He double checks on his men being ready.

Sensing something must be up, the dice gods gave me fits with advancing the South Carolina men. slowly but surely, the Colonels began to move their regiments.

Turn 3. Federal Initiative. General Ebenezer quietly sits on in the saddle of his horse. He takes out a pen knife from his coat pocket and begins to whittle on a stick he found.

General Ebenezer's leading regiments hit the edge of the woods and progress slows.

Turn 4. Confederate Initiative. Pierre's Brigade moves forward as the men contend with the underbrush of the trees. Some of the regiments shift during their advance.

Turn 5. Confederate Initiative.   The Ohio Regiments become uneasy. a flock of birds flies out of the trees. a lone deer comes bounding out of the woods before them.

Turn 6. Slow progress for the Confederates.

Turn 7. Confederate Initiative. The South Carolina Brigade breaks the treeline in front of the Ohio Regiments. There eagerness to meet with the enemy has opened a gap in the Confederate battle line. The next turn will be a bloodbath

Turn 8. Confederate Initiative. Taking the Ohio brigade by apparent surprise, The South Carolina men open fire at point blank range. The musketry is brutal. 

The Ohio Brigade returns the musketry in kind. One regiment is so shocked by the violence that the order to return fire is either not given or completely ignored by the men. One of the South Carolina Regiments takes so many casualties on the return volley it routs and leaves the line. Brig General Pierre is slightly wounded with a musket ball to the shoulder. His Brigade will suffer a -1 to their cohesion rolls.

Two SC regiments failed to move forward into line due to the difficulty of the woods.  Sensing an opportunity General Ebenezer orders general Bob's Pennsylvania Brigade forward. One of the Penn regiments wheels right to protect the brigade advance.

BG Bob orders his men to advance. His right flank will be protected. However, he doesn't like the thought of advancing in the open with no support and up a hill. This contest will be concluded in the next chapter.

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