Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Old Clinton War Days 2015 Reenactment

On the first weekend of May I had the privilege of taking part in Old Clinton War Days in Clinton Georgia. The town is more of a community than anything else. Located right outside of Gray Georgia on Hwy 129.
The event is held every year to commemorate the Battles of Griswoldville Nov 22nd 1864 and Sunshine Church Nov 20th 1864. Both battles were Union victories and resulted in the destruction of both towns.
Griswoldville was founded in 1850 and was located on the railway linking Macon to Savannah.They also had a factory that was originally a cotton gin. During the war it was retooled to manufacture pistols. This made the town a prime target.
Clinton was the county seat for Jones county and was founded in 1808. In the mid 1800's the town was one of the most populace cities in the state. It was the center of commerce and the cotton trade in the area.

The final charge.... This represented the final charge at the battle of Griswoldville.

Members of the 53rd Georgia Volunteer Infantry Reenactment group

Newly Minted Corporal Harris.

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