Sunday, October 12, 2014

Artillery is King

I decided to take the time to photograph some of my artillery batteries.
I have modeled 3" Ordnance Guns, 12lb Napoleon's 12lb Howitzers, Parrot Guns and such.
My Confederate Napoleon Guns are painted with bronze barrels so I can easily identify them. Most southern made Napoleons were made of iron and lacked the characterized "muzzle swell."
The organization of the Artillery Battery differed from each army. Most Federal Batteries composed of six pieces, mostly of the same type. Confederate Batteries were assigned four guns. Sometimes these four guns where not always the same type.
Both Armies also had different ways of utilizing their assets. The Union Army for example learned at an early stage that massed artillery was very effective on the battlefield. The Confederate Army started out assigning a Battery of Artillery to each Brigade of Infantry. This doctrine evolved later in the war and can be seen during the Battle of Gettysburg on the third day. The artillery barrage, that shelled Federal positions for the upcoming assault of General Picketts charge, is a classic example of the proper use of artillery before an assault. This tactic is still used today in modern military doctrine.

Napoleon once said that God was on the side that had the best artillery.


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