Sunday, August 17, 2014

Battle of Red Brick Tavern

The objective was for each of the armies to force the other from the field in 10 turns or less.

This is a basic brigade vs brigade encounter with a two section artillery battery in support.

Union Brigade.
General Sam commanding.
New York Brigade (5 regiments.)
A Battery 1st Artillery  (x2 12lb Napoleon sections)

Confederate Brigade.
General Lewis commanding.
Virginia Brigade (5 regiments.)
Zeke's Battery  ( x1 section 3" ordnance guns, x1 section 12lb Napoleon)

Confederate forces on the left in the treeline. Federal force on the right . Both Brigades
have a two section battery.

Turn 1. Federal Initiative. Infantry moves forward.
One Regiment fails to execute orders.

Federal Battery opens fire in support of the advance. The Confederate commander decides to hold the line
at the edge of the woods. Counter battery fire from the Confederates is ineffective.

Turn 2. Confederate Initiative.  Zeke's Battery fires on the lead Federal infantry regiment.
The Federals continue to push forward. The Regiment that failed to move forward in turn 1.
continues to lag behind.

"Why is this building in our way?" Said the Colonel.
"Maybe we should go around it, Sir." Replied the Major.
"I'm not sure we can, building are not listed in the training manual." Said the Colonel.

The Federal General notices a regiment lagging behind.
He does the equivalent of a 19th century "facepalm."

Turn 3. Rebel Initiative. The Infantry continues to hold their fire and wait.
Zeke's Battery continues to hammer away with their Napoleons and 3" ordnance guns.
The lead Federal regiment takes casualties.

Turn 4. Rebel Initiative. General Lewis keeps his men in place.The Federal Battery prepares to move forward..
Devastating fire from Zeke's Battery causes the lead Federal regiment to be shaken.

Turn 5. Federal Initiative.  The last Federal regiment finally gets under way after the Brigade commander "gently persuades" him. The lead Regiment comes into range and lets loose a volley at the Rebel battery.  General Lewis raises and drops his hand yelling at the top of his lungs. "FIRE!" The edge of the woods comes alive with the rattle of  Confederate musket fire. Casualties are high. 

Turn 6.  Federal Initiative. A Battery moves forward and deploys closer to the front. The Federal Brigade opens fire.
The exchange of musketry is deadly. The lead New York regiment has had enough and they "skedaddle." A cheer momentarily  erupts along the line but the The Confederate commander keeps his men in check.

Turn 7. Federal Initiative.  A Battery fires on Zeke's Battery. The crews take casualties but continue to do their duty. General Sam orders his brigade to "Give'em Hell."
The Gallant General Lewis was riding on his steed behind the front line. He was giving orders to consolidate the front and motivating his men with his very presence. The General was in mid sentence talking to an orderly and pointing at the Federal battery when his face changed. He looked down and said. "I believe I am shot."  As he slumped over the orderly caught him and helped him to the ground. He died moments later.

The Confederate Regiments took the loss hard. They were unable to drive back the Federals  but, The Federals were unable to carry the field. Upon hearing of General Lewis' death, General Sam removed his hat and said a small prayer for his noble adversary .
 The result was a draw by turn 10..  Each side lost one regiment however, the Confederates lost a beloved commander. 

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