Thursday, July 10, 2014

Battle of River Front Crossing

This was a battle fought in 10 turns.

The objective was for each of the armies to force a river crossing into the enemies side of the river. The secondary objective was to force the enemy from the field in 10 turns or less.

this is a basic division vs division encounter.

Initial set up; each side set up a brigade on the road and one brigade in the field.

Union Division.
General Sam commanding.
General Bill and New York Brigade
General James and Pennsylvania Brigade

Confederate Brigade
General Lewis commanding.
General Brian and Georgia Brigade
General Keith and Mixed Brigade.

Turn 1. set up. Federals on left. Confederate on Right.
The rebs have advantage with cover being on their side of river.

Federal troops move up the road to the river.

Turn 2.

Turn 3. A few hiccups with orders leaves a few Confederate
Regiments behind. Federals go into battle line

View from the Confederate Battle line at the river crossing.

View from opposite bank.

Federal regiments move forward through the open field.

Turn 4. Sees some sharp action at the river crossing.

Turn 5. The battle lines begin to stabilize. Continued volleys bring the casualties up. The Federals have a goof up as well. Sending two regiments forward with two falling behind.

A Confederate Brigade moves up to the river bank.

View of the Federal Line.

Turn 6. A Federal Regiment is beaten back by the fire from the Confederates.

Turn 7. The broken regiment fled the field. The continued contest for the crossing has exhausted the Confederate regiment guarding it. They retreat in disorder. Now it is up the supporting regiments to stop them.

Turn 8. The routed Confederate regiment continues to retreat toward the rear. The Battle rages all along the river bank.

A solid defense in the woods. This regiment is in a good position to stop any advance across the river. The Federal regiments across the river can't seem to change formation to attempt a crossing.

Turn 9. The battle continues. Each army settles in for a defense and the dice rolls refuse to help ether side.

Turn 10. Slight victory for the Federals based on casualties.

The Confederate commander points at who he wants to blame for the failure to cross the river.

The Union Commander points to himself and says. "Who, me?"

I am working on a few projects. Doing a bit of research on a few historical battles PLUS finishing up on some Cavalry. In the future I will have some more interesting scenarios to bring.

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