Monday, June 16, 2014

Plan?! What Plan?!

I have been working on he modeling aspect of this venture for some time. Trying to juggle the responsibilities of modern life that include a family and a job with a hobby. I can say with some degree of certainty that it has been an emotional journey.

General Magruder checks his troops somewhere near Yorktown Va.
With that said, here are my goals for the last half of 2014.

1. Have enough miniatures completed for a historical game. (Williamsburg, Seven Pines, Mechanicsville.)

2. Attend the  150th Anniversary Battle of Atlanta Reenactment in Sept.

3. Not get kicked out of the house by an angry wife. (not a joke.)

The first goal may seem a bit overwhelming to some if they have not done this before. I am taking it in pieces and parts. I have been building by brigade. First, a Union brigade then a Confederate brigade.

My interest is in the Peninsula Campaign of 1862. I have been modeling Armies and Generals for this time period. I wish to do the battles in order and post them here on this blog.

Personal Note: When attempting to convert a historical battle into a playable scenario, it is good to take a large battle into pieces. A perfect example would be The Battle of Seven Pines. There was action on both sides of the Richmond and York River Rail Road track. General Whiting and General Sedgwick on the north side of the track and General D.H. Hill and General Casey at the redoubt south of the track.
A person can, with a little research, turn the battle into a mini campaign. First fight the action south of the track and finish with the action north of the track.
A larger battle such as Mechanicsville can be played in the same way.

Now on to the Pictures. Here is what I've been up to.....

General Joe Johnston. Modified from General McClellan Model.
General John B. Magruder. Modified from General Burnside model.

Close up of General Magruder. I tried to emphasis his
mustache and sideburns.

Gen. Daniel Harvey Hill. Modified from General Barksdale model.

Another angle of Gen. D.H. Hill

General Ambrose Powell Hill. modeled wearing his famous red "battle shirt."
Also riding his dapple gray horse "Champ."

Another angle of Gen. A.P. Hill.

General Robert E. Lee with Army of Northern Virginia HQ Flag.

Another pic of General Robert E. Lee riding "Traveller"

General James Longstreet riding his horse "Hero."

General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson on "Little Sorrel."

General Stonewall Jackson. Looks like he may be ready for
the "Shenandoah Valley Campaign."

General J.E.B. Stuart.

General Philip Kearny. Model modified from a mounted officer wearing a kepi.
I added the coat/cloak draped over his left shoulder. Kearny lost his arm in the Mexican War.

Another angle of Gen. Phil Kearny. I updated this General by rebasing him with a guidon bearer.

Another view of Gen. Kearny.

General Ambrose Burnside.
General George B. McClellan. Army of the Potomac.
This model is striking a very "Napoleonic" pose.

Another pic of "Little Mac."

General Ulysses S. Grant. I know he was in the Western Theatre at this time period.
I liked the model and wanted to show it off.

Another view of Gen "Unconditional Surrender" Grant riding "Cincinnati."
He aquired this horse in 1864.

Historically, there was a joke why McClellan couldn't capture Richmond.
He had to cross two "Hills" and then go down a "Longstreet."
From left to right. Gen. Longstreet, D.H. Hill, and A.P. Hill.

Federal and Confederate Cavalry in progress. "Ride around McClellan" Scenario?

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