Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The 150th Battle of Resaca After Action Report in Pictures

We stood there for what seemed an eternity. From our position we could see the cannons making good report. One boom followed by another as the smoke filled the air. We stood in Line of Battle formation. Our company was dressed to the left of the regimental colors. Finally, the Battalion Commander called us to attention. We moved forward coming out from behind the hill onto the main field. After taking positions in the breastworks we opened fire on the union soldiers across from us. The sound of the muskets, the boom of the cannons, for a moment I froze.
 I was trapped in a moment in time. The spectators disappeared leaving only the sounds of battle and the sight of union soldiers shooting at us. During this frenzy I couldn't help but ask myself. "Is this what my ancestors felt when they fought over this ground 150 years ago?"

The Battle was at Resaca, Georgia. General Joseph E. Johnston was in command of the Army of the Tennessee. He was Pursued by William T. Sherman's Army. Sherman had chased them from Chattanooga on down into the state of Georgia. Johnston took over command after Braxton Bragg resigned. (cough cough) They made there stand in the hilly countryside surrounding Resaca.

My ancestors were with the 6th Florida Infantry Regiment. They had their baptism of fire at Chickamauga the year before. Slowly but surely their number shrank. One had been wounded at Chickamauga, and one captured at Missionary Ridge in Tennessee. Now here the remaining three stood at Resaca. After Resaca It would get worse. One would be captured at New Hope Church, one killed at Atlanta and finally the last one captured near Nashville.

The reenactment was held on part of the actual battlefield. I was there for two days. I got there early on Saturday morning and left Sunday evening. It had rained late Saturday night and most of Sunday morning but it cleared out in time for the scheduled battle. The spectators got a good show on both days. Everyone had a great time, despite the rain.

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