Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Battle of Somewheresville, Va. or a demonstration battle

This is a fictitious Battle that I played a few nights ago to work on the "Microforce American Civil War Rules published by GHQ.
I will not go into detail on the content of the copyrighted material. However, I will give an overview of a play testing of this battle

The Battle;  Somewheresville, Va.
this is a basic brigade vs brigade encounter.

Union Brigade.

Commander; Brigadier General Bob.
 level     1
radius   10"
mod    -1
cohesion 15

1st New York Infantry Regiment     cohesion 13       4 stands
3rd New York Infantry Regiment     cohesion 14       4 stands
25th Pennsylvania Infantry Regt       cohesion 14       3 stands

Confederate Brigade.

Commander; Brigadier General John.
 level      2
radius   12"
mod    -2
cohesion 16

1st Mississippi Infantry Regiment     cohesion 14       4 stands
8th Georgia Infantry Regiment          cohesion 14       4 stands
2nd Florida Infantry Regt                   cohesion 13       3 stands

KEY: Green Arrows = Movements
          Red Arrows   = Firing at target
          Green Beads  = Unit in Movement Posture
          Red Beads     = Unit in Firing Posture
          White Beads = Unit Shaken
          Black "x"      = Unit casualties

Initial set up; Both brigades are set up in column formations

Both Generals roll to see who has the first move. With the modifiers it turned out to be the Union General. He decided to move the whole brigade so he placed his movement marker. The Confederate Likewise did the same. Then the Movement phase came up. Both generals moved forward.

Union General was quick on the initiative. He moved his brigade forwards and went into Line of Battle. The Confederate Did the same.

Union General Bob continues with the good rolls for initiative and moves forward. The Confederate General "eyeballs" the field and decides the Yankees aren't in range yet. They move forward. The commanders know That the field will open up soon.

Confederate General John finally wins the initiative. with the 1st Mississippi and the 8th Georgia up front on their right, they decide to open up on the 1st New York. The New Yorkers  take casualties, one stand of infantry lost. They rally, and give it back resulting in a loss of 1 stand for the Mississippians. Then Georgia Lets lose with their first volley resulting in another lose stand for the New Yorkers. They continue to hold the line at half strength.
The 25th Pennsylvania Comes along side the 1st New York on their left flank while the 3rd New York comes to The Right flank.

Initiative Is still held by General John. The 1st Mississippi now has the 3rd New York as the closer target and must engage them. At this moment, General Rob, while giving orders to his men, had a Minnie ball graze his shoulder. he chuckled as he poked a finger through the hole in his dark blue jacket and continued on Rallying his men. The 3rd NY returned fire and the Mississippians took another lost stand. They failed to Rally and where shaken.
Up the line the 1st NY also fired on the 1st Miss Regt. The fire had no effect.
The 8th Ga opened up on the 25th Penn and had no effect

At this moment the Hour was late and The opposing armies retired from the field.


I have had the rules now for a couple of months and have successfully played small scale actions such as this. Mainly using one or two regiments per side for a battle. The Rules are pretty good. With anything new, it takes practice to gain perfection. I recommend these rules, However I think there could have been "more" added to the rule book. I think it could have been streamlined more.
You may have noticed in one of my pics a small notebook in the corner of the table. I used this notebook to write down my own personal notes on the  "order" of how the turns are played.

In conclusion, I think I will need more practice and will look forward to playing a larger scenario soon.

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