Tuesday, February 18, 2014

150th Battle of Olustee Reenactment in Pictures

Sign at the main gate.  It  should be noted that the reenactment took place on part of the actual original battlefield.
Demonstration drill near main gate.
Beautiful clothing.
Example of a Brook Rifle. 7inch Rifled naval gun created in the south by John Mercer Brook.

Civil War Torpedo. modern times known as a mine.
Confederate officers and men of the regiment in camp.
C.S. Doctors.
Drill, Drill, and more Drill.
Last minute instructions and inspections before the battle.
Safety of the reenactors and spectators is important. These are real weapons.
Company Commander. Captain Frank Groce of the 53rd Georgia Vol Regt.
A sharp looking company commander reviews his troops.
Before the battle, Period music by a band from North Carolina.
A view of the spectators. It was a very large crowd. Behind the group where bleechers That were filled quickly. best advice is to get to an event early if you want a seat.
The battle opened up with Federal Cavalry running into Rebel Infantry.

Confederate Infantry form up to guard against cavalry charge. After driving off the cavalry, the Federal Artillery open up.
The bombardment lasted  probably 30 minutes. The crowd watched as set charges on the field exploded. Smoke hung in the air, as more confederates formed up in line of battle.

Soon the order is given and the brave soldiers from Florida and Georgia Move forward.
They are not the only ones on the field. Union forces move up to make battle.

As the battle progresses, More units take the field. The Battle becomes intense as the crack of the musket in volley is accompanied by the roar of Cannons on both sides.
The front row was partially obscured when the U.S. Colored troops made there way on the field. Many spectators heads or cameras got in the way of some really nice shots.  I had to crop and edit many of my pics. I took a total of 195 photos. These are some of the best ones.
Of the Union Regiments that were present where the Famous 54th Massachusetts Regiment, the 35th U.S. Colored Troops Regiment, and the 8th U.S. Colored Troops Regiment.
Pass and review after the battle. All the participant reenactors took the field and fired a volley in the air as a salute to those who fought and died at the battle.

Both Commanders took the stage and said a few words in honor of those soldiers who answered the call and gave their "last full measure." Speaking for myself, I thought the event was very well planed and executed. The reenactors on both sides were very knowledgeable about the history and were very friendly. Soon I will be posting articles based on some of my interviews.

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